Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Black Mamba

Here's my MP write-up for Black Mamba, a member of Marvel's evil Serpent Society! This write-up reflects her Bronze Age abilities.

Black Mamba generally prefers to attack her victims while they are unaware of her presence. She first scans her target to find a memory of a loved one. Shen then utilizes her Shaping ability to create an image of that person (the shape uses it's own shape-shifting ability to assume the correct form). 

The shape, now in the form of the target's loved one, will use it's Emotion Control ability to cause the victim to be in a euphoric state.

The shape can also siphon Endurance from it's victim or crush the life out of it with super-human strength.

Due to the psychic link between Black Mamba and her created shape (also known as her "darkforce skin"), one half of any damage done to the shape is taken by Black Mamba.

Most of the time, Black Mamba will have her four companion snakes coiled around her body, and delaying their action until a foe is within striking distance.

Black Mamba Sheet Image
Snake Sheet Image

Black Mamba Attacks Captain America
1. When Black Mamba activates her Shaping ability, she usually spends 3 Power, creating a human-sized shape with the following stats: weighs 1341 pounds, SR 15, a volume of 1.67 cubic feet, and has 20 hits.

Black Mamba and Serpent Society are trademarks of Marvel Comics, Mighty Protectors is a trademark of Monkey House Games. This write-up is by B.K. Adams.

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