Wednesday, May 8, 2019

MP Villain Spotlight: Invisi-Bull

Intro: Here's another MP Villain Spotlight character -- Manotaur a.k.a. Invisi-Bull, who is a 150 CP MIghty Protectors villain.


Mark Macready was a criminal who really enjoyed stealing cars; he ran a ring of thieves based in Chicago for years. Eventually, the FBI caught him and his gang and because it was his "third strike" felony the judge came down hard giving him a 20-year sentence.

Convaris, a multi-national drug company, struck a deal with the private company running Macready's prison facility. The prisoners were offered a deal: volunteer for Convaris drug-testing and potentially have years cut off of their sentence. Macready, hoping to reduce his sentence, volunteered for the testing.

Convaris didn't really care about the well-being of the prisoners they were experimenting upon. Macready was one of the luckier ones: instead of being seriously harmed he actually gained super-powers! The cocktail of drugs administered to Mark Macready transformed him into something of a monster. 

Convaris scientists wanted to study Macready's to see if they could duplicate their creation and although Mark was now less intelligent, he was still savvy enough to know that he didn't want to be a guinea pig... so he escaped and has been on the run ever since.

A prominent tabloid newspaper dubbed him "Inivisa-bull" and the name stuck, a fact that Macready hates. He calls himself the "Manotaur", although almost no one else does.

After knocking over several banks, he has a fair amount of money saved up.


Macready has always been driven by greed, but after his transformation he has an additional motivation: vengeance. He will go out of his way to harm anyone in law enforcement and he particularly hates scientists. Should an opportunity arise to steal from a Convaris facility he will gladly do so.


Before any encounter, Invisi-Bull will activate his Blur Invisibility, reducing the Sight sense of anyone looking at him by one level (eg, full to basic).

Should Invisi-Bull find himself losing a fight he will try to run away using his Speed ability, pushing his acceleration to put as much distance between himself and the heroes as possible.

Quote: "Don't call me 'Invisi-Bull'! I hate that name! Now I'm gonna have ta' paint my horns red with your blood!"

1. The artwork was created using the Paragon Chat game.
2. Invisi-Bull makes a good villain for a group of 4-5 100-110 CP heroes.

Character Sheet:

Invisi-Bull is copyright by B.K. Adams. Mighty Protectors is a trademark of Monkey House Games.