Friday, September 14, 2018

MP Villain Spotlight: Karnage

Intro: I've decided to post villains of my own creation for the Mighty Protectors rules in something I'm calling Villain Spotlight. My first post features Karnage, a Standard Power-Level villain.

Origin: Kadeem Najjar is from an affluent family whose roots are based in Cairo, Egypt. As a teenager, he came to the U.S. in the 1990s in order to study medicine at Stanford University. Being somewhat shy as well as a foreigner, he made few friends, but he poured his energy into his studies and graduated near the top of his class. He then went to medical school where he again excelled in his studies. With a loan from his father, Mansour, he started his psychiatry practice.

Recently, he began experimenting with "ancestral memory" and accidentally unlocked a powerful and evil alter-ego named Karnage. The alter-ego has a special requirement -- a chemical found only in human adrenal glands. Due to this requirement, Karnage has begun killing random homeless people.

Dr. Najjar is horrified by what his alter-ego has done but he is too arrogant and prideful to turn himself in to the authorities.

Tactics: Karnage likes to fight in the dark and often goes on his murder sprees at night. If inside a building with artificial lighting, he will cut the power, preferring to fight in the dark and relying on his full sense of smell to find and attack his enemies. He will push his damage in an attempt to maximize his sharp kinetic (spine) damage as well as to inject his poison, which must do 1 hit point to be effective.

Should Karnage find himself losing a fight he will try to run away using his Speed ability, pushing his acceleration to put as much distance between himself and the heroes as possible. He'll attempt to hide in the sewers if possible, using his heightened olfactory sense to guide him.

Quote: "You are nothing... less than nothing... while I wield powers unlocked from humankind's' ancient past!"

Notes: Karnage makes a good villain for a solo (150 CP hero) crime-solving adventure or a group of 3-4 100 CP heroes. For a group of 150 CP heroes, increase Karnage's total CPs to 200.

Karnage PDF

Character Sheet:

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

X-O Manowar

On the MHG forums Dan2448 requested that I write-up the Valiant Comics hero known as X-O Manowar.  Although I was familiar with the name, I had never read this comic. I became intrigued and did a bit of research: X-O Manowar looks like it was a really cool comic book -- one that I wish I had collected back in the 90's.

Since the power-armor suit contains a sentient AI named "Shanhara", I had initially considered making the suit a man-sized vehicle (using Size Changer Smaller), but doing that bends the rules a bit, so I ultimately went with the suit as a collection of abilities that uses the Linked modifier. Aric must spend 1" of his movement to activate the suit.

Note that this version models his stats and abilities as they existed in the 1990's. Also note that I do not have access to a lot of source material so consider this write-up an "in-the-ballpark" translation of the character.

In any event, here's my Mighty Protectors write-up for X-O Manowar. Enjoy!

Manowar Sheet

9/7/18: Edited sheet for typos & added Ht.Expertise

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