Sunday, December 18, 2022

The Strangers Superhero Team Fights a Giant Monster in Central Park!

The Strangers superhero team were in a nearby court room for  a preliminary hearing involving a lawsuit by Hyper Corp, a business owned by the nefarious Crescent Family, when a giant monster appeared in Central Park. Due to Jasu Jitsu's warnings about this attack, the Strangers had prepared: they contacted CHESS and local law enforcement for help in clearing-out the surrounding area of civilians and blocking off the roads. The non-flying members brought their own sky-cycles knowing they would need to move long distances.

The Strangers Roster:

Jasu Jitsu - blind martial arts master with super-hearing (capable of hearing about future events). His abilities include: Cosmic Awareness, Natural Weaponry, Heightened Senses, Heightened Defense, Special Weapon A.

Calico Cat - gained super-abilities from a mystical cat-themed relic. His abilities include: Natural Weaponry, Heightened Agility, Heightened Strength, and Super Speed.

Equinox - an archeologist who gained fire and ice abilities given to him by the Summer Queen and the Winter King . His abilities include: Flame Abilities A&B, Ice Abilities A&B, and Bridge Travel.

Kill Boy - a chemist who gained powers over life and death from a mystical accident. His abilities include: Adaptation, Absorption, Paralysis Ray, Disintegration, Telepathy, and Stretching Abilities.

Stellarhawk - a Peratonian space marine, the son of Battlehawk. His abilities include: Flight/Hyper-Flight, Force Field A, Life Support, Special Weapon B) Blast Rifle.

Tank - a lawyer who gained his abilities from a mystical crown. He has taken a leave of absence from the Strangers but still helps them out on occasion. His abilities include: Armor, Heightened Strength, Heightened Senses, Invulnerability, and Shape-Shifting.

Tempest -  a mysterious woman who gained various abilities due to a science accident. Her abilities include: Flight, TK, Disintegration, Dimension Travel, and Force Field. 

Winged Victory - famous WW II hero who has joined the Strangers. Her abilities include: Companion, Dimensional Travel, Flight, Non-Corporealness, Special Weapon A) Viridium Sword, Wealth, Willpower A) Fortitude.

Note: The screenshot is taken from the last session of my ongoing Mighty Protectors campaign, which is set in New York City. The map shows part of Central Park and the surrounding city; each hex is 5" or 25 feet. Skarrus, the giant monster, is 230 feet tall and uses my extended Size Change A) Larger rules (scroll down to find it).

Saturday, November 12, 2022

The Under-Deep

Origin and Background:

Under-Deep should be considered a small Kaiju (despite having 50 CPs in the Size Change A) Larger ability, it is still only 61 feet tall).  It is up to the GM to determine where the creature comes from, but one idea is that it lives deep under the Earth's crust. Because it has the Ooze ability, it can move through small cracks and fissures.

From time to time, it comes to the surface of the Earth to wreak havoc. If you want to make it even more formidable, replace Protected Brain with Duplication that costs 1 PR/Round and takes 3 Rounds to activate, which would also cost 10 total CPs. You could also give it the Swarm ability.


The Under-Deep is not a mindless creature and will react to superheroes or others that seek to harm it. It will use its powerful area effect gravity decrease ability to send opponents flying into the air. Because it is not very accurate (its AG is 8), it will usually grab large stationary objects, such as trucks or busses, and use them as area effect attacks (see MP p. 109 for details). If Under-Deep goes below half its hit points without being knocked-out, it will attempt to escape back to the depth of the Earth.

Personality/Character Traits

The Under-Deep is a solitary creature, existing deep under the Earth's surface. But humans tend to be a destructive species. The drilling by energy companies may have destroyed the Under-Deep's habitat. It has therefore come to the surface to enact some payback against the humans. Or perhaps it is being used as a pawn by someone unseen...

Encounters in a City

I highly suggest that if you use the Under-Deep in a scenario, you should have several buildings, bridges, or other city infrastructure, already damaged or destroyed. When the heroes show up, inform them that there are a lot of innocent people that need help. This gives the heroes something to do other than just fight the giant monster. Generate some random names beforehand so that those civilians that need help aren't just nameless props. Don Lloyd's MP Gen is also a great way to randomly generate stats and backgrounds for civilian NPCs.

If the PC heroes in your campaign are not powerful enough to defeat the Under-Deep, you might suggest (or have them roll IN task checks to think of it) they contact CHESS, or other superheroes that they are aware of.


The counter's dimensions should be 10" x 10"

Excel Sheet

Image of the MP Sheet

MP Sheet Image

The Under-Deep is copyright 2022 by B.K. Adams

Mighty Protectors is a copyright of Monkey House Games

Under-Deep Attacks New York City

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Example of Super Sense in Foundry v10

Here's a short video of me showing how super hearing works in v10 of Foundry. This is done  with one of the hero PCs in my Mighty Protectors campaign:

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Foundry MP Combat and Status Effects

 Here's another short video showing a fight using the Mighty Protectors rules in the Foundry VTT system.

This video shows how status effects can be applied to the tokens.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

MP Initiative + Super-Speed in Foundry!

 Just uploaded a new video describing how initiative and Foundry's "combat tracker" works using the Mighty Protectors game system

You can check it out at:

Sunday, July 24, 2022

MP Multiverse Campaign Using Foundry VTT

 Hi, guys. Here is a link to a video of a hero PC walking around the team base. The campaign was started about a year ago and I've been running it almost every two weeks. The campaign is a "modern-day" superhero campaign set in New York City. 

The heroes' team name is "The Strangers" and their base is located on an abandoned island on the East River.

I was initially using the  Roll20 virtual table top for this campaign but I quickly switched to Foundry VTT, which I found to be a superior system.

Anyway, I did not edit this video -- it is long and has some pauses and/or mistakes -- but hopefully you will find it informative.

-B. K. Adams

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Oh Mighty Isis!

Joanna Cameron, the actress who played Isis on the 1970's  Saturday morning show "Isis", just passed away. So, in her honor and as a tribute in my own small way, I present Isis as a V&V3.0: Mighty Protectors superhero.

To transform into Isis, Andrea Thomas pulls out her amulet (hidden under her dress) and says the phrase "Oh, Mighty Isis!" 

Because Isis has such a vast array of powers, I used the Arsenal ability with Mobile and Gear modifiers to simulate the amulet! In order to activate any of her abilities she must speak a rhyme. For example, every time she needs to fly she utters the phrase: "Oh, zephyr winds on high, lift me now so I may fly!" All of her abilities are like this, which is why every arsenal slot has the Requires Speech modifier.

Isis likely has many more abilities than the ones listed, but the ones that I saw on the show are in the arsenal as presented. There are a lot more unfilled slots and options, if you want to add more.

PDF version of Isis

Wednesday, February 24, 2021


I've got a new character under the "My Mighty Protectors Characters" page. Her name is Inertia, a starting 106 CP hero in Jeff Dee's new superhero campaign. You can see her write-up here

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Starship SN9

 Here's a vehicle write-up for the SN9 SpaceX rocket that is being tested down in Boca Chica, Texas.

Note that this is not terribly realistic but will work for your V&V3.0: Mighty Protectors campaign if you want to have this rocket be a part of an adventure!

vehicle sheet pic

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Krayt Dragon


Season 2, Episode 1 of the Mandalorian features a cool monster -- the Krayt Dragon. So, here's my Mighty Protectors write-up of it, although this version has to be a smaller version than the one shown in the show because Size Change A) Larger only goes to a maximum of 61 feet.

The Krayt Dragon doesn't have a great chance to hit but remember that its two main attacks, biting and acid spray, are both area effect attacks -- which get a +6 bonus to hit.

Please note that the Tunneling ability comes from the New MP Abilities document that can be found at:

Krayt Dragon

Monday, November 2, 2020

Winged Warrior

The last superhero write-up on my list of iconic heroes for Mighty Protectors is the Winged Warrior!

The core abilities of the Winged Warrior include: Flight, Heightened Agility, Heightened Defense, and Special Weapon. Lesser abilities include Heightened Senses and Wealth.

Suggested weaknesses include: Low Self-Control/Compulsion, Nemesis, and Prejudice.

Winged Warrior

Weather Master

Next up for my iconic superheroes for Mighty Protectors is the Weather Master!

The core abilities of the Weather Master include: Weather Control A, Weather Control B, Energy, and Flight. Lesser abilities include Heightened Defense and Heightened Expertise.

Suggested weaknesses include: Phobia, Nemesis, and Prejudice.

Weather Master


Next up on my list of iconic superheroes for Mighty Protectors is the Vigilante!

This hero's abilities include: Arsenal, Special Weapon, Heightened Expertise, Vehicle, and Natural Weaponry. The last ability could be one of the following: Heightened Initiative, Heightened Defense, or Knowledge.

The Vigilante's arsenal includes various weapons and devices including: bullet proof vest, night-vision goggles, grenades, combat knife, radio communications, and a grapnel gun.

The Vigilante's vehicle is an armored van that includes a souped-up engine, a front mounted heavy auto-firing gun, and other devices.




Next on my list of iconic superheroes for Mighty Protectors is the Teleporter!

The Teleporter's core abilities include: Teleportation, Super-Speed, Heightened Agility, and Natural Weaponry. Lesser abilities include Invisibility and Physical Ability.

The Teleporter's combined set of abilities make him or her a formidable combatant and an excellent scout.

Suggested Weaknesses include: Distinctive, Compulsion (Low Self Control), Nemesis, and Prejudice.


Sunday, November 1, 2020


The Swordsman is next on my list of iconic superheroes for Mighty Protectors! Although the name implies that this hero is male, the swordsman may be any gender.

This hero's abilities include: Special Weapon, Reflection, Heightened Agility, Heightened Expertise, Armor and Heightened Attack.

As the name suggests, the Swordsman expertly wields a magical (or hi-tech) sword that can be summoned at will. Using the Reflection ability, the Swordsman is able to reflect certain ranged attacks.

Suggested weaknesses include: Dark Past, Compulsion (Low Self-Control), and Special Requirement (drugs or alcohol).