Saturday, November 6, 2021

Oh Mighty Isis!

Joanna Cameron, the actress who played Isis on the 1970's  Saturday morning show "Isis", just passed away. So, in her honor and as a tribute in my own small way, I present Isis as a V&V3.0: Mighty Protectors superhero.

To transform into Isis, Andrea Thomas pulls out her amulet (hidden under her dress) and says the phrase "Oh, Mighty Isis!" 

Because Isis has such a vast array of powers, I used the Arsenal ability with Mobile and Gear modifiers to simulate the amulet! In order to activate any of her abilities she must speak a rhyme. For example, every time she needs to fly she utters the phrase: "Oh, zephyr winds on high, lift me now so I may fly!" All of her abilities are like this, which is why every arsenal slot has the Requires Speech modifier.

Isis likely has many more abilities than the ones listed, but the ones that I saw on the show are in the arsenal as presented. There are a lot more unfilled slots and options, if you want to add more.

PDF version of Isis

Wednesday, February 24, 2021


I've got a new character under the "My Mighty Protectors Characters" page. Her name is Inertia, a starting 106 CP hero in Jeff Dee's new superhero campaign. You can see her write-up here

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Starship SN9

 Here's a vehicle write-up for the SN9 SpaceX rocket that is being tested down in Boca Chica, Texas.

Note that this is not terribly realistic but will work for your V&V3.0: Mighty Protectors campaign if you want to have this rocket be a part of an adventure!

vehicle sheet pic

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Krayt Dragon


Season 2, Episode 1 of the Mandalorian features a cool monster -- the Krayt Dragon. So, here's my Mighty Protectors write-up of it, although this version has to be a smaller version than the one shown in the show because Size Change A) Larger only goes to a maximum of 61 feet.

The Krayt Dragon doesn't have a great chance to hit but remember that its two main attacks, biting and acid spray, are both area effect attacks -- which get a +6 bonus to hit.

Please note that the Tunneling ability comes from the New MP Abilities document that can be found at:

Krayt Dragon

Monday, November 2, 2020

Winged Warrior

The last superhero write-up on my list of iconic heroes for Mighty Protectors is the Winged Warrior!

The core abilities of the Winged Warrior include: Flight, Heightened Agility, Heightened Defense, and Special Weapon. Lesser abilities include Heightened Senses and Wealth.

Suggested weaknesses include: Low Self-Control/Compulsion, Nemesis, and Prejudice.

Winged Warrior

Weather Master

Next up for my iconic superheroes for Mighty Protectors is the Weather Master!

The core abilities of the Weather Master include: Weather Control A, Weather Control B, Energy, and Flight. Lesser abilities include Heightened Defense and Heightened Expertise.

Suggested weaknesses include: Phobia, Nemesis, and Prejudice.

Weather Master


Next up on my list of iconic superheroes for Mighty Protectors is the Vigilante!

This hero's abilities include: Arsenal, Special Weapon, Heightened Expertise, Vehicle, and Natural Weaponry. The last ability could be one of the following: Heightened Initiative, Heightened Defense, or Knowledge.

The Vigilante's arsenal includes various weapons and devices including: bullet proof vest, night-vision goggles, grenades, combat knife, radio communications, and a grapnel gun.

The Vigilante's vehicle is an armored van that includes a souped-up engine, a front mounted heavy auto-firing gun, and other devices.




Next on my list of iconic superheroes for Mighty Protectors is the Teleporter!

The Teleporter's core abilities include: Teleportation, Super-Speed, Heightened Agility, and Natural Weaponry. Lesser abilities include Invisibility and Physical Ability.

The Teleporter's combined set of abilities make him or her a formidable combatant and an excellent scout.

Suggested Weaknesses include: Distinctive, Compulsion (Low Self Control), Nemesis, and Prejudice.


Sunday, November 1, 2020


The Swordsman is next on my list of iconic superheroes for Mighty Protectors! Although the name implies that this hero is male, the swordsman may be any gender.

This hero's abilities include: Special Weapon, Reflection, Heightened Agility, Heightened Expertise, Armor and Heightened Attack.

As the name suggests, the Swordsman expertly wields a magical (or hi-tech) sword that can be summoned at will. Using the Reflection ability, the Swordsman is able to reflect certain ranged attacks.

Suggested weaknesses include: Dark Past, Compulsion (Low Self-Control), and Special Requirement (drugs or alcohol).


Super Spy

Next on my list of iconic superheroes for Mighty Protectors is the Super Spy!

The core abilities of the super spy include: Natural Weaponry (martial arts), Heightened Defense, Heightened Agility, and Special Weapon. The lesser abilities include Grapnel and Knowledge.

Suggested weaknesses include: Low Self-Control/Compulsion, Nemesis, and Dark Secret.

Super Spy

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Super Soldier

The Super Soldier is next on my list of iconic superheroes for Mighty Protectors!

Super Soldier abilities include: Experience Levels, Heightened Basic Characteristics, Heightened Attack, Heightened Expertise, Special Weapon, Heightened Defense, and Companion.

"Heightened BCs" is a made-up ability that represents the increase to all five characteristics from whatever origin you wish to assign to this character type.

The Super Soldier's special weapon is indestructible and returns when thrown.

Super Soldier


Next on my list of iconic superheroes for Mighty Protectors is the Speedster!

The Speedster's abilities include: Speed, Super Speed, Heightened Defense, Natural Weaponry, Non-Corporealness, and Physical Ability I) Wall-Crawling.

The Speedster is capable of running at almost 400 mph, can run over water, can run up the sides of buildings, and can vibrate his atoms in order to pass through solid matter.


Friday, October 30, 2020

Space Adventurer

Next on my iconic list of superheroes for Mighty Protectors is the Space Adventurer! You can click on the tab at the bottom of the Google Sheet to see the vehicle write-up.

The cost of the Space Adventurer's abilities are a bit different than normal, but include the following: Arsenal, Vehicle, Adaptation, Heightened Expertise, Heightened Endurance, and Luck.

The arsenal includes various gadgets and weapons. The vehicle is a spaceship capable of faster-than-light travel.

Suggested Weaknesses include: Low Self-Control Compulsion, Nemesis and Public Identity.

Space Adventurer



Next on my iconic list of super heroes for Mighty Protectors is the Shrinker!

The Shrinker has core abilities of: Chemical Abilities A) Chemical Blast, Natural Weaponry, Size Change B) Smaller, and Wealth. Lesser abilities are Armor and Flight (which only works when the hero is small).

The Shrinker is fabulously wealthy and could possibly own a mansion, penthouse apartments, expensive jewelry, fancy cars, etc. and could employ a lot of servants such as maids, cooks, driver, butler, etc.

Suggested Weaknesses include: Compulsion, Nemesis and/or Public Identity.


Thursday, October 29, 2020

Beast Shape-Shifter

Next up on my list of iconic superheroes for Mighty Protectors is the Beast Shape-Shifter! Click on the tabs of the Google Sheet to see the different animal forms.

The core abilities of this hero include: Transformation, Regeneration, and Wealth. Lesser abilities include: Experience Levels and Natural Weaponry.

The Beast Shape-Shifter can transform into four different animals: Eagle, Mouse, Shark, and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Note that the Multi-Ability modifier (MP p. 92) is used on Transformation; only one animal-form may be used at a time. Please also note that the animals are supposed to be realistic, at least as far as superhero comic books are concerned.

Suggested weaknesses include: Distinctive; Low Self-Control, Compulsion: Frivolous; and Nemesis.

Beast Shape-Shifter