Thursday, June 20, 2019

Kree Starship & Kree Soldier

Here are my Mighty Protector write-ups for a Bronze-Age Kree starship and Kree soldier. The vehicle and the soldiers are based upon early Marvel comic books, namely: Marvel Super-Heroes #12-13 and Captain Marvel #1-#16.

Vehicle Sheet

Soldier Sheet

Kree Military Uniforms

1. The ship uses the teleportation ability (it opens a gateway) to travel through space. It has enough distance to instantaneously get to the Large Magellanic Cloud (the Kree's home galaxy), which is 158,200 light years from Earth. I extrapolated from the chart in the MP rule book to get the distance for (60) CPs.
2. The ship has Adaptation: Spaceworthy, which is the Adaptation ability and includes: asphyxiation, cold temperatures, low pressure, and radiation.
3. The integral abilities of Automation and Performance (Ht. Agility and Ht. Cool, respectively) were only added to make the total system spaces properly add-up.
4. Female Kree sometimes have abilities the males do not receive, such as Emotion Control and Siphon.
  • Emotion Control: Love, IN sv@-2 (10), CL" range, Single Emotion (-5), Misc: males only (-5), Unobvious (5), PR=1 (5), Total CP cost = (10).
  • Siphon: 2d6 hits (15), Suppress (-5), No Range (0), PR=0, Total CP cost = (10).
These write-ups are by B.K. Adams. "Kree" is a trademark owned by Marvel Comics. Mighty Protectors is a trademark owned by Monkey House Games.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Sentry #459

Here is my Mighty Protectors write-up for Sentry #459, a Marvel comics antagonist who was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, debuting in Fantastic Four #64 (July, 1967). The stats and abilities of Sentry #459 reflect Marvel Super Heroes #13 as well as Captain Marvel #1 and #2 (May, 1968).

MP sheet

30-Foot Robot

Invisible Wall

Bullet's Don't Hurt Him
Flight (from Avengers #89)

His Sensors Told Him I am... a Kree

Instantaneous Repair

1. In Fantastic Four #64, and in the Unofficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Sentry #459 is described as being 15 feet tall. Because it is explicitly shown in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 that he is 30 feet tall, that's what I made him.
2. I invented a (5) CP miscellaneous modifier for the Communicators ability that allows the Sub-Space modifier to work anywhere, not just in space. This is because Sentry #459 is shown communicating on Earth with his Kree masters, who reside in a different galaxy.
3. In other comic books, Sentry #459 is shown as having additional abilities of Flight and Power Blast, which  could be added, if one were so inclined.
4. Sentry #459 often describes himself as being invulnerable. While I did not give him full Invulnerability, it could certainly be added.
5. Shaping represents his ability to create invisible walls which are highly resistant to damage.

This write-up is by B.K. Adams. Sentry #459 is a trademark of Marvel Comics. Mighty Protectors is a trademark of Monkey House Games.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)

Here is my Mighty Protectors write-up for Captain Marvel, a Marvel comics hero who was created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan and debuted in Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (Dec, 1967). His stats and abilities reflect Captain Marvel issues #1 to #15, while he still wears his green and white battle-suit, and before he is imbued with additional powers in issue #17.

Updated 06-19-19: I've added a Heightened Attack invention that makes Mar-Vell's Wrist-Lens more powerful. He does this in issue #1, if I recall correctly.

MP sheet

Battle Helmet Gives Air

Wrist-Lens Power Blast & Flash

Oxygen-Burning Rocket Belt

Can't Breathe Earth Air Without a Potion

1. I gave Mar-Vell +5 ST and +5 EN because the Kree are described as being stronger and tougher and humans.
2. The Natural Weaponry is there to reflect how Mar-Vell is described as a great unarmed fighter. In issue #4 Mar-Vell fights the Sub-Mariner, who is much stronger, but appears to be less skilled at unarmed combat.
3. The Wrist-Lens, or Universal Beam device as Mar-vell also calls it, is a weapon worn on Mar-Vell's right wrist. It has a variety of functions as shown on his character sheet. In issue #12 of Marvel Super-Heroes, Mar-Vell demonstrates how his Uni-Beam can reverse the damage it causes, but this ability is never used again. Thus, I did not include it as a modifier for his Power Blast.
4. Mar-Vell, or his beloved Una, are capable of creating the potion that allows him to breathe Earth air, but it only works for one hour. The MP weakness to best reflect this is Special Requirement. Mar-Vell can use his battle helmet, but not when he is impersonating Dr. Walter Lawson.
5. Yon-Rogg is a true nemesis of Mar-Vell and could be included on his write-up as: NEMESIS, Less Powerful (-2.5), Common (-10). However, due to the weakness cap of (-20) CPs, he gets no points for it.

This write-up is by B.K. Adams. Captain Marvel is a trademark of Marvel Comics. Mighty Protectors is a trademark of Monkey House Games.