Sunday, November 10, 2019

New MP Ability: Cybernetic Chip

Mental Ability X) Cybernetic Chip

This Continual Ability gives the character a surgically implanted computer chip that operates similarly to a Vehicle Robot Brain system. Because it is inside the character's brain it cannot be broken, taken, or disarmed under normal combat conditions.

The cybernetic chip shares the character's IN and CL, has access to the character's senses, and knows what the character knows (as per Telepathy, Verbal & Indirect). The chip can control the character's body and has access to the character's abilities.

 This Ability costs (15) CPs. PR = 0 per round.

1. I used a modified version of Duplication as the basis for this Ability.

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  1. I like this concept I've been working to update force the module to MP rules this fits nicely. In my optimized version