Friday, November 8, 2019

New MP Ability: Body Part Removal

Physical Ability X) Body Part Removal

For (10) CPs, this ability allows the character to remove their body parts which continue to operate with no ill effects. It takes an Action to remove a body part.

A link, whose special effect is determined when the ability is bought, exists between the character and the removed body part. This link allows the character to control, and gain the benefits of, the body part at any range.

Separated body parts may move depending on their function. For example, a hand or arm may crawl, a leg may hop, and an eyeball may roll.

Generally, there is a penalty for hitting removed body parts due to their smaller size. The part itself has a 0 Physical Defense. For arms and legs the to hit penalty is @-3. For Heads, hands, and feet the to hit penalty is @-6. For eyes, noses, and tongues the to hit penalty is @-9.

Any damage done to the body part is felt by the character and may be rolled with. If the body part takes hit point damage, the character must make an EN+7 save at a penalty of -1 per Hit taken or lose the use of the body part until it is healed or repaired.

This is a Persistent Ability. PR = 0 per round.

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