Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Fighting Yank

Here is the Fighting Yank, a Golden Age superhero who was created by Richard Hughes and Jon Blummer. He debuted in Startling Comics #10, published by Nedor Comics in September 1941.

Wealthy Bruce Carter III is paid a visit by the ghost of his long-dead ancestor Bruce Carter I*. The ghost tells Bruce that he must help save his country and to find his hidden cloak. The next day, thinking the ghost was merely a dream, Bruce nevertheless searches the attic of his ancestral estate and finds a magic cloak that was hidden in a secret compartment.

The cloak confers super-strength and flight to Bruce as well as provides immunity from gunfire. With his magic cloak, tri-corner hat, and Revolutionary War outfit, Bruce becomes the Fighting Yank, a super-heroic champion of America!

I made the ghost of Bruce Carter I a Companion... as he helps the Fighting Yank get out of tough situations over and over again.

Fighting Yank Character Sheet
Companion Character Sheet
Cloak Gives Super-Strength
Cloak Lets Bruce Fly
Cloak is Bulletproof
Cloak Can Be Taken
Cloak is not 100% Protection
Fighting Yank #7 Cover

* He was a courier for General George Washington in the Revolutionary War and was killed by British loyalists while on a mission.

The Fighting Yank is in the public domain. This write-up is by B.K. Adams.

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  1. A fun character write-up, plus a glimpse into comics history!