Sunday, June 24, 2018

Blue Bolt

Here is my Mighty Protectors write-up for Blue Bolt, a Golden Age superhero who was created by Joe Simon. He debuted in Blue Bolt Comics #1, published by Novelty Press in June, 1940. 

Blue Bolt is often helped by Dr. Bertoff, a lost-world scientist whose radium injection combined with lightning energy to create the Blue Bolt's super powers (see origin panels below for more information).

Starting with issue #2 and continuing until issue #12, Jack Kirby joined Joe in working on the comic.Their work on Blue Bolt predates their collaboration on the golden age Captain America and is the first time the two legends worked together.

Blue Bolt's main super power seems to be heightened strength as well as other increased physical attributes. However, while he can engage in fisticuffs with the best of them, he is most often shown firing his two lightning pistols, devices given to him by Dr. Bertoff.

Blue Bolt Character Sheet
Dr. Bertoff's Character Sheet
Blue Bolt Origin Pt. 1
Blue Bolt Origin Pt. 2
Blue Bolt Origin Pt. 3
Super Strong
Mighty Leaps
Survives Car Smash
Dual Lightning Pistols
Physical Powerhouse
Modok-like Villain
War in Deltos
Early Kirby Crackle
Blue Bolt Discovers Nazis Pt. 1
Blue Bolt Discovers Nazis Pt. 2
Green Sorceress
Simon & Kirby
Blue Bolt #1 Cover

Blue Bolt is in the public domain. This write-up is by B.K. Adams.

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