Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Blue Beetle (Golden Age)

Here's my Mighty Protectors write-up for the Blue Beetle, a golden age superhero who debuted in Blue Beetle #1, published by Fox Publications in Winter, 1940. This is the original Blue Beetle, a.k.a. Dan Garret, spelled with one 't', a cop who becomes a two-fisted crime-fighter after his father, also a cop, dies from wounds inflicted by a gangster's bullets. 

I gave Blue Beetle an arsenal, which you can see at Blue Beetle's Arsenal. Each of the gadgets listed, he uses a least once from issue #1 to issue #6.

Blue Beetle also drives a "supercharged" car, which you can see at Blue Beetle's Supercharged Car. The metal of his car is super-strong, it deflects machine-gun bullets and is unaffected by the explosion of an armored car. I simulate these abilities by giving the vehicle an Integral version of limited Invulnerability.

In issues #1 and #2, the Blue Beetle fights a lot of criminals, from mastermind villains to regular street thugs, beating them all with his athletic strength. It is in issue #3 when he first receives the "2x Vitamins", courtesy of his friend and pharmacist, Dr. Franz. The vitamins bestow extra strength, agility, and endurance to Dan, but whose effect goes away after he sleeps.

I made his friend Dr. Franz his companion but not in the usual sense - he doesn't fight crime at the Beetle's side. Instead, Dr. Franz uses his great intellect and scientific know-how to come up with things that help him, like the "2x" vitamins or the super-strong metal used in his car.

Blue Beetle MP Character Sheet

Blue Beetle MP Vehicle Sheet

Blue Beetle Issue #1 Cover

Armored Costume

Vitamin 2x & Supercharged Car

Blue Beetle's Super Strength

Justice & Mercy

Super-Strong Car Metal


Blue Beetle is in the public domain. The artwork shown here is also in the public domain and is copied from the original comics. The Mighty Protectors character and vehicle write-ups are by B.K. Adams.

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