Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Green Turtle

Here is my Mighty Protectors write-up of the Green Turtlea Golden-Age superhero who fought against the Japanese invaders during World War II. The Green Turtle and Burma Boy (the Turtle's sidekick) were created by Chu F. Hing, debuting in Blazing Comics #1, published in 1944. The Turtle is considered to be the first Asian-American superhero.

He has no "real" super-powers, although in my interpretation of his abilities I did give him Luck and Heightened Defense based upon his Luck roll. He relies on his luck, his wits, his two fists and his fantastic Rocket-Powered Plane to fight against the Japanese.

In issue #1 he saves a beggar boy from being murdered by Japanese soldiers. The boy becomes the Turtle's sidekick, calling himself "Burma Boy."

The Turtle has a hidden mountain lair (see pic below), but in the five issues total that were created, not much is shown.
Hidden Mountain Lair

Green Turtle MP Sheet
Green Turtle MP Vehicle Sheet
Burma Boy MP Sheet
Cover of Blazing Comics #2

Green Turtle and Burma Boy are considered to be in the Public Domain. The artwork shown is from the original comic run. The write-ups are by me, BK Adams.


  1. From a purely historical perspective, that's awesome such a comic even got printed in 1944.