Monday, April 23, 2018


Here's my Mighty Protectors take on the Juggernaut, a Marvel super-villain who made his debut in Uncanny X-Men #12, published July 10, 1965. I've made two versions: Silver Age Juggernaut and a more powerful Bronze Age Juggernaut.

Cain Marko is Charles Xavier's step-brother and has hated him since the first time they met.
It is during the Korean war, when both Xavier and Marko were soldiers in the U.S. Army, that he gained his powers.
The Juggernaut gets through the X-Men's outside defenses and arrives at the mansion's steel door.

Here we see how his helmet protects him from Xavier's mental blast!

Juggernaut and X-Men are trademarks owned by Marvel Entertainment Group are are used her for commentary purposes under the Fair Use Act.

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  1. A classic villain. He's had some nice development over the years.