Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Magneto (Silver Age)

Here's my Mighty Protectors take on the Silver-Age Magneto, the X-Men's first and best-known nemesis.

In order to model his massively powerful magnetic field -- which in issue #1 is shown to be impervious to tank cannon shells -- I've had to bend the rules a bit: I re-allocated the protection points, like you can do with Armor, to make his kinetic protection much higher than the other damage types of protection.

His heightened sense of magnetism, along with a line of sight range on his indirect magnetic manipulation ability, allows him to be miles away while he secretly manipulates metal objects, like a missile in a silo!

Edited 1/10/18

Magneto (PDF)

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  1. His Force Field also has the Adjustable Area Effect modifier, since he can shrink it to protect just himself, or expand it to protect one or a few allies. Excellent point about his remote manipulation. He ability to manage unseeable objects thousands of miles away was always a McGuffin.