Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Angel (Silver Age)

Switching gears from the silver age Fantatstic Four to the silver age X-Men, I've written-up the Angel using the Mighty Protectors rules. Again, the MP rules work great for simulating Marvel's silver age super heroes!

My version of Angel is based upon how he is presented in the first few issues of X-Men, first published in 1963. He's young, he's rich, he's a mutant, and... oh yeah, he's got wings! He's portrayed as being very hard to hit while flying and he seems to use his wings to do his damage.

I wasn't sure about his background knowledge so I made an assumption that because he is rich and went to a boarding school before joining the X-Men, he was given a heavy dose of business knowledge.

In X-Men issue #1, Jean Grey is introduced to the boys. Warren is immediately struck by her beauty and starts a process of trying to win her over. Thus, I gave him an "infatuation" compulsion regarding Jean.


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