Thursday, March 14, 2019

Number Four

Here's my MP write-up for Umbrella Academy superhero The Seance, a.k.a. Number Four, a.k.a. Klaus Hargreeves.

Character Sheet Image

1. This write-up mostly reflects Klaus's abilities as they are shown in the comic book and some of his traits from the Netflix show. I did this mainly because I have not read all of the comic books, but I have seen all of the Umbrella Academy episodes.
2. I used the "Bonus Effects" rules under Ability Modifiers (p. 87 of the MP rulebook) to simulate Klaus's ability to see and hear ghosts, because I feel that it is a minor ability.
3. I came-up with the Possession modifier for Mind Control. Possessing a target has advantages and disadvantages, so I made it a +0 modifier. Similar to Astral Projection, the character's body falls into a coma while possessing someone.
4. Existing MP abilities like Summoning, Cosmic Awareness, Retrocognition, et al., didn't really work to model his power of summoning ghosts... so I invented a new ability called Mental Ability E) Spirit Medium.
5. In the Netflix series, Klaus is gay, but it is unclear what his sexuality is in the comics I read. I went with the Netflix series in this case.

The Seance, character and artwork, is a copyright of Dark Horse Comics.

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