Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Number Five

Here's my MP write-up for Umbrella Academy superhero The Boy, a.k.a. Number Five.

Character Sheet Image

1. This write-up mostly reflects the Boy's abilities as they are shown in the comic book.
2. I gave him a motivation of Insane Utopian. This reflects that fact that he wants to save the world, but he's willing to murder people to do so. Plus, he loves and talks to, a mannequin he named Dolores.
3. In the comics, he can use his hands as lethal weapons, cutting into his opponents skulls.
4. I also gave him super-speed to reflect his ability to teleport and attack multiple opponents almost before they get a chance to attack back.
5. In the comic, he is told that his cells are not aging, thus the Adaptation to Time.

The Boy, character and artwork, is a copyright of Dark Horse Comics.

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