Thursday, March 14, 2019

Mental Ability E) Spirit Medium

In order to complete my write-up for Number 4 of the Umbrella Academy, I had to come up with a new Mighty Protectors ability -- Spirit Medium!


The character can summon a spirit of the dead. This is a unique Voluntary miscellaneous ability, with a range of 1”, a PR of 3 per use, and the character must make a task check based on their CL. It takes 1 minute of concentration to perform a séance. Any attack on the character which causes Hit damage or a failed saving roll while they’re activating séance causes a break in concentration, and prevents the Ability from being successfully activated at that time. Total cost (10) CPs.

·         Spirit Medium Option: Attuned
This Modifier gives the character a +2 bonus with their CL save per (+2.5) CPs.

The character may ‘push’ the CL roll by +2 to for an additional +2 PR. The character may also modify their CL save roll by taking more or less time, according to section of the MP rules.

Example: The Seance, who has Spirit Medium with a CL save @16-, needs help figuring out an electrical device. He takes 1 Round instead of the usual 6 Rounds, taking a -6 penalty to the CL save task check. He will also push his Ability by +2, putting his chance of success at 12-. The GM deducts 5 from the characters Power score, and rolls an 11 -- success! The ghost of Nicolas Tesla appears and proceeds to help the hero.


1. I'm including this ability as its own post so that prospective GMs or players can find it using the blog's search function.
2. I tried using an existing MP ability for Klaus's ability to summon ghosts, but none of them felt quite right.
3. This ability may be used to summon up the ghost of any deceased individual, so long as the name (and possibly some background information) of the ghost is known.
3. This ability has not be play-tested.


  1. How would this affect murder investigations? It seems like it could be used to learn the identity of a killer quite easily.

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  3. You're assuming a victim knows who killed them. That's not always the case. Besides, there are other means of learning who a killer is: Cosmic Awareness, Heightened Senses: Retrocognition, etc., which are arguably broader in utility than Spirit Medium.