Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Elektra made her Marvel debut in issue #168 of Daredevil, published January, 1981. This Mighty Protectors write-up reflects her stats & abilities for DD issues: 168, 169, 174-176, 178-181. Elektra is an assassin who loves Daredevil, who helps him against his enemies. For these issues she is essentially an anti-hero, which is why I made her Neutral. Although the comic claims she is an expert in Ninjutsu, that's not really what she is: basically she is great at kicking, using her Sai's, throwing shuriken and not getting hit.

She is a superbly trained athlete, at what I would call peak human agility and willpower, but she has normal strength, intelligence, and endurance. Her shtick is never getting hit and violently wasting her opponents, using multiple attacks and head shots.

Edit: after thinking about how often she is shown doing head shots I decided to improve her chance to hit and lower her damage accordingly.

Elektra in Action

Elektra MP Sheet

Elektra is a trademark owned by Marvel Entertainment Group and is used here for commentary purposes under the Fair Use Act.

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