Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Wonder Woman

Here's my Bronze Age, post Crisis on Infinite Earths, MP write-up of Wonder Woman.

Optional Abilities:

Amazonian Armor: 7/5/5/5 (45), Heavy Coverage (-5). Total CPs = 40.

Gauntlets of Atlas: +25 Strength (25), Gear (-5). Total CPs = 20.

Amazonian Sword: Special Weapon A) +2 to hit (5), +2d8 Sharp (+20). Total CPs = 25.

Tiara: Special Weapon A) +3 to hit (7.5), +d8+1 Sharp (+10), Throwable: STx2" range (0), can return as boomerang (+5). Total CPs = 22.5.

Invisible Plane/Jet: At least 30 CPs (25 base with +5 High Tech).

Wonder Woman is a trademark of DC Comics

1 comment:

  1. The Gauntlets of Atlas increase her Carrying Capacity by about x332 times. I think that represents "Titan who can hold up the Heavens" pretty well :-)

    I'm still coming to terms with how insanely fast MP's geometric progression rises. "Every 5 points" in Hero System took some getting used to, and added +1d6 "real" effect. MP doubles every 3 CP, and only adds +1 *point* to "real" effect.

    That means MP deforms pretty wildly, depending on which part of a chart you're looking at.

    Anyway, the Gauntlets of Atlas totally fit Wonder Woman's mythos.