Monday, September 16, 2019

MP Villain Spotlight: Scrapper!

Scott "Disco" Scruggs has been an unlucky loser most of his life. His father was killed when he was still a child. His mother remarried but his step-father, who was often drunk and abusive, never liked him. Scott was bad at learning -- he hated school and skipped it as often as he could. He was eventually expelled from high school in 10th grade. He took the family car for a joy ride, which ended with the car being wrecked. His stepfather then kicked him out of the house and he began living on the streets. He had been drinking and smoking since he was ten years old, but he got into harder drugs in his 20's. He has been committing minor crimes most of his life.

As an adult, Scruggs became a handyman and a junker. He met "KT" ten years ago in the county lockup, and the two have been close ever since. KT's son, Elijah, lives with them both at their base, "Scrap Hollow."

Recently, though,  Scruggs luck has changed for the better. While scavenging for items after a major superhero-supervillain battle, he found a powerful artifact -- a magic wand. Once he figured out how it works, he's been using it to case potential places to rob by scouting it in astral form. Once he knows the layout of the place he and his cohorts -- his girlfriend KT and her son Elijah -- proceed to rob the place.

Sheet Images
1. Elijah sleeps on a couch, which isn't shown on the "Scrap Hollow" map.
2. A large propane tank serves as the "central power system" for the Scrap Hollow base.
3. Scrapper's armored vest is 3/3/3/3 protection (default values).

Scrapper, "KT" Williams, and Elijah Williams are characters created by B.K. Adams. "Scrapper Base" and "Scrapper Truck" are also created by B.K. Adams. Mighty Protectors is trademarked by Monkey House Games.

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