Saturday, October 14, 2017

Golden Guru

Below is the write-up for Jeff's character in my United Dystopia of America campaign: the Golden Guru! He, along with his fellow vigilantes, fought against government tyranny, obtaining aid from members of his "Golden Horde" along the way.

This campaign was notable for having gone through four different RPG systems: Pocket Universe, Ultraverse (my brother's rule system), Living Legends, and finally Mighty Protectors.

This version shows the Golden Guru at the beginning of his vigilante career.

Golden Guru is copyright by Jeff Dee.

Golden Guru Character Sheet (PDF)


  1. So, basically "The Horde" was a bunch of Contacts he could call upon? Great way to model that.

  2. Yeah, it works pretty well. Since it's uncontrollable, it's subject to Luck rolls with bonuses or penalties for the situation, as the GM sees fit.