Thursday, September 21, 2017


Earlier, while I was writing-up the "bronze-age" Avengers, I missed a few heroes. One of them is Patricia "Patsy" Walker, a.k.a., "Hellcat", who debuts in Avengers #144.

But there is another angle on this character: in the Netflix shows Jessica Jones and The Defenders, Patricia "Trish" Walker is Jessica's best friend. One can hope that in Season #2 of either Jessica Jones or the Defenders, Patricia Walker will get her super-suit and become Hellcat!

In the meantime, here is my comic-book adaptation of her stats and abilities using the Mighty Protectors rules.

Patsy is a natural athlete and strong-willed person, but is otherwise a normal human. Her Ht. Defense is due to her athletic background of dancing and surfing; the rest of her Abilities come from the suit.

The two grapnels are retractable claws on each wrist that can shoot out. The night-vision comes from special lenses in the eyes of her mask, and allow her to see in total darkness. The natural weaponry and wall-crawling are due to the claws on her hands and feet.

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