Sunday, February 24, 2019

Number One

Here's my MP write-up of Spaceboy, a.k.a. Number 1, a.k.a. Luther, of the Umbrella Academy. This write-up is based upon the comic book by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, and not the live-action Netflix series.

Character Sheet Image

1. It's not clear to me exactly how strong Luther is, but he's shown in the comics as being able to smash through a rock wall as a ten-year old boy. He is clearly the strongest member of the group.
2. Sir Reginald once describes Number 1 as being an expert with firearms which is why I gave him the expertise with his laser pistol (one could argue that this should be higher and/or apply to all guns).
3. In the comics, he is always wearing a space suit. It was never shown, at least in the issues that I read, exactly how long he can survive in space, thus I gave him the standard amount of CPs in the ability.

The character Spaceboy, and the artwork shown here, is a trademark of Dark Horse comics.

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