MP Campaign: Earth-970

Earth-970 is the name of my new Mighty Protectors campaign. The players start off with High Power characters at 200 CPs — they are the New Avengers.


Eighteen months ago, in the Winter of 1968, Galactus came to Earth seeking to feed upon its energies. Most of Earth’s superheroes, and even a few of its supervillains, came to New York City to defend the planet against the World-Devourer.

With the help of Odin and Zeus, Galactus was ultimately thwarted and driven away, but at a terrible cost. Much of the city, as well as places around the world, were devastated by the cosmic energies that were released during the battle. Many superheroes were killed, maimed or just plain disappeared, including most of the members of the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four.

PRESENT DAY: June 1970

The Wasp, one of the few Avengers who did not die fighting against Galactus, has decided to reform the Avengers, which she is calling The New Avengers. Using her wealth, she managed to track down four new heroes and has invited them to become members of the new team. These four heroes include: the Colossal Cabrakan, the Super-charged Stormfire, the Mighty Thane, and the Mysterious Vila.

Cabrakan’s Story: Cabrakan is a god and the son of Seven Macaw and brother of Zipacna. He inherited father's arrogance and claimed to be the “destroyer of mountains.” The god Huracan asked the Hero Twins to defeat him; they poisoned and bound him, and buried him in a hole in the earth. After four thousand years he finally escaped his prison and has returned to the world.

Stormfire’s Story: The physicist Dr. William Wylde and law-school graduate Samantha Shields began dating several months ago. Unknown to Samantha, William was building an illegal and untested device to tap into dimensional energy. He invited Sam to his lab late one night and had her become his unwitting test subject. He tricked her into stepping into the test chamber and then sealed her in and began the experiment. She was bathed in mysterious energies from another dimension and imbued with the power of Lightning Control and other Abilities.

Thane’s Story: After Thor fell in the Battle of New York, the Vision picked-up Mjolnir and struck Galactus, wounding him. Galactus then destroyed the android and shattered Mjolnir with a burst of Cosmic energy. One of the Mjolnir shards struck Magnus Grantham, a History professor at the University of New York, giving him some of the Vision's super abilities.

Vila Story: None so far. That’s why she’s so mysterious…

Hero PCs: CabrakanExcaliburStormfire (updated)ThaneVila, Gauntlet (updated), Osgood the Newt (updated)
Bases: Avengers Mansion (Updated)
VehiclesAvengers QuinjetAvengers Submarine, Time Machine

Notes: Cabrakan takes his leave of the New Avengers in Episode 5. The hero Gauntlet takes his place.

Episode 15: Space Race, Part One
Sentry #459, Colonel Yon-Rog, Carol Danvers, Kree Soldiers, Captain Mar-Vell (disguised as scientist Lawson), Kree Spaceship Hellion.
pic 1
pic 2
pic 3
pic 4

Episode 14: Search for Thor
Balder the Brave, Enchantress, Executioner, Mountain Giants

Episode  12-13: Red Ronin, Hellfire Club
Red Ronin, Sebastien Shawn, Leland, Pierce, Hellfire Club Guards, Thunder, Speed Demon

Episodes 10-11: Kang series is completed.

Episode 9:
NPCsAngel, Beast, Cyclops, IcemanMarvel Girl, Professor X, U.S. Army Soldier
BASE: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
  The heroes' time machine materializes in the Danger Room of the X-Mens' mansion right as the teenage X-Men are entering the room for their daily training exercise. Per the classic comic book trope of heroes fighting heroes the X-Men attack the PCs thinking that they are enemies. The fight lasts for a couple of rounds before Marvel Girl learns that the PCs are telling the truth about being time-travelling heroes.
  After introductions are made, Professor X informs the PCs that he senses thoughts coming from their time machine. Gauntlet volunteers to search the machine and after a few minutes he discovers a hidden compartment that holds a black, baseball-sized sphere.
  Professor X explains that the device holds the recorded thoughts of the "Supreme Kang" with instructions to five "Duplicate Kangs" to travel to various space/time coordinates in order to prevent the formation of twelve key heroes, who include: the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Daredevil.
  Professor X suggests that his X-Men help the Avengers with a mission of stopping this nefarious plan, and the PCs agree. The heroes divide into two groups:

  • Group #1: Beast, Cyclops, Gauntlet, Marvel Girl, Stormfire, and Vila
  • Group #2: Angel, Excalibur, Iceman, Luke Cage, and Thane

  The PCs decide that Group #1 will try to stop the Kang duplicate from changing the Fantastic Fours' history while group #2 goes after the Kang that is trying to sabotage Spider-Man's history.
  The PCs and their X-Men companions use the their time machine to travel to 1961 and the secret base in upstate New York that holds Reed Richards experimental rocket. The time machine materializes in a thick group of trees on a hill overlooking the rocket base.
  The PCs split up so that they can more easily look for signs of sabotage by Kang. They check the rocket pad, the fuel containers, mission control, and a lab. At mission control, Vila finds papers that show Reed Richards has been put back on a list of passengers to fly on the rocket. The PCs realize if that happens, the Fantastic Four will never be created.
  Using Stormfire's teleportation gate, the heroes are instantly transported to New York City and with Marvel Girl's telepathic abilities, they quickly find Reed Richards at Empire University. He is packing his bags and preparing for tomorrow's rocket flight. The heroes briefly tell him who they are, what they are doing, and how it is vitally important that he, Ben Grimm, Sue Storm, and Johnny Storm are the only ones to fly the rocket in the early hours... and Reed believes them!
  The PCs, again using their amazing abilities, get Reed, Ben, Sue, and Johnny to the rocket base, where the guards have been doubled. They decide to create a distraction so that Reed's group can get to the rocket. With four jeeps of heavily armed guards shooting at the PCs, Reed and his friends get to the rocket and blast off into history!
  The PCs then decide to track down the Kang responsible for the potential change in history. Again, Marvel Girl's mind reading ability comes in very handy as she learns the location of the commanding general.
  At his cabin, the PCs are met by Kang (who had assumed the guise of General Gray, the rocket base commander). Using one of his inventions, Kang mind controls the Beast into attacking his friends, while he fights them using his super-advanced weaponry. But even Kang and the Beast are no match for the PCs (along with Cyclops and Marvel Girl) and he is ultimately defeated.
  The heroes find the real general Gray tied-up in one of the cabin's rooms. They quickly untie him, and tell him he should drive back to his base. Outside, they find another time machine in a barn near the cabin. They decide to use it to navigate back to the X-Mansion of 1965.

Episode 8:
NPCs: Kang the Conqueror, Ko-Kri, Alligator Creature, Acid Snake
VehiclesKang's Time Machine, Giant Fish, Giant Fish Layout

Note: As a team with a lot of flyers, the heroes never ventured on the alien world's sea and therefore never encountered the 'giant fish', nor did they enter the swamp (thus avoiding the alligator-like creatures).

  The heroes return to their time machine, after having rescued civilians from a fire at the 'Stark Museum', and attempt to return to their own time-line. Once underway, the ship is again buffeted by massive time distortions. Sparks fly as the ship begins to malfunction and suddenly comes to a stop as it slips out of the Time Stream. The heroes exit the vehicle and find themselves on an alien world.
  A hundred yards from their damaged time ship appears to be another vehicle; miles away, there appears to be a silvery spire. Stormfire decides to "check out" the other vehicle but is hurt by a 'laser lattice' as she tries to enter. Thane then uses his non-corporeal ability to enter the vehicle. He returns a few moments later holding plans to some sort of time-related device.
  "This vehicle appears to be another time machine... one that is damaged. I found these plans inside along with evidence that component circuit boards are missing," he tells his companions.
  The heroes decide to fly to the silver spire. Once their, they enter the spire through a large open door on ground level. They discover several things: 1) the spire is incredibly old 2) a large regional map hangs near stairs going up 3) the spire is powered by beamed energy and 4) someone recently removed a square-shaped electronic component. Gauntlet figures out the compass direction from which the power beam originates, drawing a line on the map they found. As the heroes are arguing about how to proceed, they are accosted by aliens. Fifteen psychically-powerful Ko-Kri telepathically demand the heroes must come with them and face the 'tribunal.'
  The heroes agree to accompany the aliens back to their village, but once there they attempt to flee. The Ko-Kri attack the fleeing heroes with powerful mental blasts, stunning Stormfire and Gauntlet, but ultimately the heroes are able to escape.
  Far away from the aliens' village, the heroes hole-up and lick their wounds. Once they have recovered a bit, they continue to explore the alien landscape. They find and explore another ancient building, ultimately finding a working computer. Gauntlet reads excerpts of a long-dead alien's computer log, learning: 1) this world is part of a pocket dimension and 2) the Ko-Kri are the primitive descendants of the advanced time-traveling Quokrillians, who built the buildings and used the silver spire as a sort of "dimensional lighthouse".
  Gauntlet once again calculates the compass arc from which the building's beamed power originates, and draws another line on their map. The heroes leave the building and fly to the spot on their map where the two lines intersect, but find nothing but sand. Thane turns non-corporeal and flies into the ground. He returns a few moments later and tells his fellow Avengers, "there is some sort of facility about twenty feet underground."
  Stormfire has Thane go back so that he can use his communicator to show her the room. Once Thane complies, Stormfire creates a teleportation gate, which the heroes use to travel to the underground base. They quickly find and go down a set of stairs that leads to a large hangar, where they see Kang the Conqueror emerging from yet another time ship. The arrogant Kang sees the heroes and says, "I don't know how you found me, heroes, but you'll soon regret it."
  Although Kang is quite formidable, the heroes quickly overwhelm him and knock him out. Even Osgood the Newt manages to tail slap the 'conqueror.' The heroes find that Kang's ship is mostly functional, so they decide to fly it back to the location of their own time machine. Once there, they link the two vehicles together and escape the pocket dimension.

Epilogue: The heroes find that Kang's time ship was pre-programmed to travel to 1965. When the vehicle stops, they emerge and find themselves in the basement of Professor Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters...

Kang Pic

Episode 7:
NPCs: Roxxon Guard
Vehicles: Time Machine (Updated)
Bases: Avengers Mansion v39 (Updated)
Episode 7 finishes the fight at Roxxon's Long Island Complex. The PCs (along with Luke Cage & the Wasp), wounded from the fight with members of the Squadron Supreme, nevertheless defeat the 15 heavily-armed Roxxon security guards protecting the room housing the Inter-Dimensional Portal.

Despite an initial round where Excalibur is badly hurt (his prideful nature led him into foolishly charging into the room to a hail of laser carbine fire), the heroes win, and the fight is over. Gauntlet then decides to interrogate one of the few conscious guards. He makes him a deal: cooperate and be set free or go to jail with his fellow guards. The guard agrees to cooperate and tells Gauntlet what he wants to know: namely, that the portal leads to Arkon's world of Polemachus.

As Gauntlet was making a deal with one of the guards, Stormfire was calling on SHIELD, and in particular, Colonel Nick Fury (with whom she has his personal communicator number). She asks him for help: they have wounded men who need medical attention as well as assistance securing the Roxxon complex and dealing the the defeated members of the Squadron Supreme. Fury agrees, telling Stormfire that he's sending eight squads to the area ASAP. But he also tells her that he wants to meet her and the other Avengers at their mansion in three days.

Before anyone can object, Excalibur flies through the portal, quickly followed by Thane. Both heroes find themselves on Polemachus, not far from the destroyed ruins of a Roxxon outpost. In all directions appears to be a vast desert. Exalibur uses his super-fast flight ability, flying roughly 100 miles in two and a half minutes, but still sees nothing but desert. The Wasp then orders all of the Avengers to return to Avengers Mansion.

Days later, back in the meeting room of Avengers Mansion, Col. Fury tells the heroes, "I need you yahoos to do a mission for SHIELD. My bosses want you to test out your fancy time-travellin' machine and they want you to take along this kooky gadget designed by the eggheads back at the Heli-Carrier." Despite the questions from the heroes Fury responds by saying, "Look, I don't ask much of you folks and you get a lot o' leeway from the government... so just do this fer me, OK?" The heroes agree, going down the "Sub-basement 2" where the Nazi Time Machine is kept. 

The heroes decide to travel exactly one second into the future and do so. Fury, however, says the "chrome-dome" scientists need more data and want them to go further, say a week. The heroes comply, with Excalibur at the controls. Unfortunately, something goes wrong: the machine starts making strange noises and is buffeted by time distortions. Finally, the machine arrives at their destination. The heroes emerge from the vehicle only to see the Avengers Mansion on fire.

They quickly learn that things are not what they should be: the mansion is now called the "Stark Museum" and the timeline they are in has not had superheroes since WW II.

1. I added a Communicators system that allows each Avenger to communicate with their fellow teammates. Each communicator is essentially a 'video wrist phone'. See the updated Avengers Mansion sheet for details.
2. I had to redesign the time machine to make it work for the newly installed "time machine hangar" that I placed into the Avengers Mansion Sub-Basement 2. The hangar rules call for a free vehicle at 1/4 the system spaces of the hangar. I made the time machine hangar 512 system spaces, which ordinarily is enough space for a 128 system space vehicle. But by having +15 CPs in High Tech, offset by -10 CPs of lower Maneuverability, I needed to account for those extra 5 CPs.

Episode 6:

Armed with a search warrant, courtesy of attorney Samantha Shields (aka Stormfire) and a sympathetic judge, the New Avengers arrive at Roxxon's Long Island Complex. They search several of the buildings before finally meeting at the building used for experimental science. The heroes are looking for additional evidence that ties Roxxon to the attack on Time's Square a few weeks ago by Arkon the Imperion. The first piece of evidence was a Roxxon-owned piece of metal that Arkon gave to Stormfire.

Roxxon Long Island Complex (1"=30 feet)
Stormfire quickly finds the physics lab, where she is confronted by William Wylde, her former fiance and the man whose unauthorized experiments accidentally gave her super powers. Grinning mischievously, he tells her that he is now working for Roxxon and that she should now become acquainted with the company's new security team. The members of the Squadron Supreme then enter the room and Hyperion orders the Avengers to leave; the heroes refuse -- citing their legal search warrant.
Roxxon Research Bldg "B4" (1"=10 ft.)
Hyperion shrugs and says, "So be it... prepare for battle!" The two groups then engage in a lengthy fight. The Avengers prove the more powerful of the two teams, ultimately winning by knocking-out every member of the Squadron Supreme, including Hyperion.
Roxxon Lab Fight

The adventure ends with the Avengers finding an inter-dimensional portal, guarded by fifteen Roxxon security guards, and William Wylde, over the company intercom system, ordering them to destroy the Avengers...

Episode 5:

MP Sheets: Black KnightDoctor DoomSandmanScorpionWhirlwind

  Using Einstein's tracking device, the heroes first find and remove the atom bomb. Next they track down the source of the time distortion on top of a nearby mountain. A giant maw of swirling chronal-energy sucks all of the heroes in.
  They awake to find themselves inside the Chronovore's gigantic-sized brain. Following their tracking device they eventually come to a spot where Doctor Doom is working on a large machine. Doom's "bodyguards" include the following villains: Black Knight, Sandman, Scorpion, and Whirlwind.
  The heroes were sneaking but once Excalibur spotted the villains, his pride forced him to loudly exclaim his intention to foil their nefarious plans, thus alerting Doom and his henchmen.

Fight in the Chronovore's Brain!
A big fight happens where characters on both sides experience knock-outs, only to wake up and join the fight again. Doom mostly watches and waits, occasionally blasting the hero who dares to attack him.
  Eventually, all of the lesser villains are defeated and only Doom remains. The Latverian monarch fights well but is ultimately overcome by the mighty Avengers! Dr. Einstein then restores the timeline to normality, using Doom's machine. The heroes appear next to their time machine and all of the time-displaced people, places, and things are restored to their normal timeline.

Epilogue: The New Avengers use their time machine to return Professor Einstein to his proper timeline. They then return to New York City of 1970. The Wasp greets them and after recounting their adventure to her she informs them that she has learned it was the Roxxon Oil Company that had somehow invaded Arkon's world. The Avengers decide pay a visit to Roxxon's Long Island Complex to do a little snooping around...

Addendum: Jeff decided that he wanted to play a different character, so he created Gauntlet and Gauntlet's sidekick: Osgood the Newt.

Episode 4:

  It is Tuesday, June 30, 1970 when the heroes respond to a report about a super-powered individual causing destruction at Times Square.
  Arriving on the scene first is Stormfire who sees many burning vehicles and Arkon the Imperion throwing "lightning bolts" from his hand. She orders him to stop, asking why he is attacking. Arkon turns, reaches behind his back and pulls out some metal object. He throws it down to the ground, where it lands before Stormfire. He says "It is you Earthlings that have attacked Polemachus... and I shall have my revenge!" The two then Counterblast each other, Arkon with his powerful Energy Blasts and Stormfire with her awesome Electrical Bolts!
  Next to arrive is Cabrakan, who is attacked by Arkon's flying steed. As this occurs, Vila makes an appearance and fires her Chemical Blast, hitting Arkon squarely in the chest and hurting him.
  A few moments later, Thane comes flying in at full speed, ramming and destroying Arkon's shield but also knocking himself out.
  Ultimately, the heroes force Arkon to flee back to his dimension. They are left with a disfigured piece of metal with only an 'R' and an 'X' decipherable (R.../.../...X.../.../). The defeated flying beast is taken into custody.
  Once back at Avenger's Mansion, the heroes are contacted by Excalibur, who warns them that the Time Machine is warning of a "Chronal Irregularity." He convinces the heroes that they must travel back to 1871 to deal with this problem. Failure to do so, he says, could cause the destruction of the universe!
  The heroes agree, all of whom enter the vehicle. With Excalibur at the controls the team travels back through time to 1871. They leave the vehicle and quickly hear a man's scream. Rushing into action they see a Tyrannosaurus Rex trying to eat a man who has been dodging its attacks while running around an overturned stagecoach. The heroes quickly dispatch the dinosaur and save the man. He explains that he's just a stagecoach driver who's been trying to get out of Dodge City, which he says "has gone to hell!"
  The heroes do some quick recon and learn that aliens, humans, and creatures from different time periods are clustered around Dodge City, Kansas.
  They allow themselves to be "captured" by aliens calling themselves the Krozzar. After taken to the aliens' makeshift base and told they must be 'mind probed', the heroes decide to fight. They defeat some 40-odd Krozzar in a massive battle.
  Afterwards, they search the base and discover the Krozzar plan to detonate an atomic bomb somewhere near Dodge City. The aliens hope to wipe out the three big factions that have been fighting, including: Alexander the Great and his soldiers, Genghis Khan and his warriors, and Napolean and his French troops.

Episode 3:

  In Episode #3 the New Avengers battle the mind-controlled members of the Invaders, who include: Bucky, Captain America, Toro, Human Torch, and the Sub-Mariner. While the battle rages, the Red Skull stands in the back, gloating about how the Master Race will soon wipe-out all lesser races. 
  Numerous attacks against the Skull prove fruitless and ultimately it is determined that he is merely a projected image. Eventually, with the heroes' help, Captain America throws off the Skull's conditioning and stops fighting. The other heroes at this point are either defeated or also free themselves from control.
  After the fight is over, Excalibur asks for, and is granted, permission to accompany the New Avengers back to the future. The heroes enter the Time Machine and travel back to the wondrous future of 1970!

Episode 2:

MP Sheets: Baron BloodCaptain NaziWarrior Woman

Using the time machine, the heroes travel back in time to 1943. They rescue an American General and his aide who where pinned down by Nazi soldiers. Back at the American outpost they meet the Invaders, which in this alternate timeline includes Excalibur (the PC, not the V&V hero). They learn that the Nazi time machines are located at either Hitlers hidden bunker or in a Romanian castle. The PCs pick the castle while the Invaders head off for Hitlers bunker. The PCs arrive at the castle where they fight and defeat many German soldiers and three Nazi super villains: Baron Blood, Captain Nazi, and Warrior Woman. In Earth-970 it is Capt. Nazi, not Master-Man, who will be married by the Fuhrer. After their victory, the PCs fly back to the American outpost in Italy, where the General tells them he has someone who wants to meet them. Entering a back room, they see the Red Skull and the mind-controlled members of the Invaders waiting for them...

Episode 1

  The PCs meet Janet Van Dyne, aka the Winsome Wasp, who gives the PCs a tour of the rebuilt Avengers Mansion. They are shown the ground floor, the 2nd level floor (mostly bedrooms), the 3rd floor hangar with its Quinjets, the basement, the sub-basement, and the lowest level of the base which houses the sub-pen (see submarine below) and the arsenal testing chamber.
  When Col. Nick Fury calls, his face on the conference room's giant Visi-Screen, the "real" adventure begins. It is based on an old MSH module "All This and WW II". It involves the following plot points: getting a call from Colonel Fury, flying on the Quinjet to New Mexico to help S.H.I.E.L.D. put a new robot to the test, fighting off Nazi Commandos, arresting an age-defying Nazi scientist, and finding a Nazi time machine.

Avengers, Arkon, Black Knight, Bucky, Captain America, Doctor Doom, Fantastic Four, Galactus, Human Torch, Invaders, Toro, Sub-Mariner, Baron Blood, Sandman, Scorpion, SHIELD, Warrior Woman, Whirlwind, X-Men, Amphibian, Cap'n Hawk, Golden Archer, Hyperion, Lady Lark, Luke Cage, and Tom Thumb are trademarks owned by Marvel Entertainment. Captain Nazi is owned by DC Entertainment.

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