Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Here's my Mighty Protectors take on the Silver Age Hulk, who is the villain in Fantastic Four issues #12, #25, and #26. This early version of the Hulk is a little different than later versions: he seems to have a normal IQ, talks like a normal guy, and does not seem to have the ability to grow progressively stronger the madder he gets.

His ability to transform from Banner to the Hulk seemed to work better with Dr. Banner having the ability, since it is triggered by anger. It does, however, go over the Ability cap for his CP total.

Hulk Character PDF

Bruce Banner Character Sheet PDF

Hulk and Bruce Banner are trademarks owned by Marvel Entertainment.


Here's my Mighty Protectors take on the Hate-Monger, who appears for the first time in Fantastic Four #21. In characteristics and abilities, he's remarkably similar to Rama-Tut, a villain from FF #19. He's a 'normal' human with a "super" gun and an outlandish vehicle. In this case, Hate-Monger also has a base in the South American country of San Gusto, but I didn't write that up. If you as GM want to make the base, make sure to give it a giant Hate gun that could affect large areas.

At all times, four of his most fanatical followers guard the Hate-Monger. Each is armed with knife, pistol, and sub-machinegun. If you want to give them a bit more firepower, swap out the knife for grenades: Power Blast: d8+d10 blunt kinetic dmg (17.5), 3" Area (+5), Different Range BC (+2.5),  (ST) Range (+0), Can't Hold Back (-2.5), Charges: 3 (-12.5), Gear (-5); total cost = 5 CPs.

The Hate-Monger's vitriolic rhetoric, his hatred of foreigners and minorities, fits well with today's troubled times.

Hate-Monger PDF

Hate-Monger Character Sheet

Hate-Monger Thug PDF

Hate-Monger Vehicle PDF

Hate-Monger is a trademark owned by Marvel Entertainment

Monday, October 30, 2017


Here's my MP take on Rama-Tut, another silver age villain who shows up for the first time in Fantastic Four #19. He's basically a normal man from the year 3000 who finds the time machine and it's operator's manual of his distant relative, presumably Dr. Doom. He incorporates the time machine into a giant sphinx-like vehicle and travels back to ancient Egypt, where he uses his advanced technology to make himself Pharaoh.

Rama-Tut Character Sheet (PDF)

Rama-Tut Vehicle (PDF)

The vehicle and its various sub-systems, except for flight and dimension travel, can be changed to whatever ability you prefer.

Rama-Tut is a trademark owned by Marvel Entertainment.

Sunday, October 29, 2017


The Skrulls first appeared in Fantastic Four #2 (published Jan 1, 1962) and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

This is my take on their Mighty Protectors abilities. They can alter their shape into any object, creature, or person, vary their size and mass up or down, and change their limbs into weapons, like swords or hammers.

Skrull Character Sheet (PDF)

Skrull is a trademark owned by Marvel Entertainment

Saturday, October 28, 2017


In Fantastic Four #18, the Super-Skrull makes his first appearance. The Silver Age version is a bit different than later versions, but he's still a tough foe for the FF.

"During their first encounter, the Super-Skrull keeps the Fantastic Four at bay and forces them to run away. Mr. Fantastic senses that *Kl'rt's powers are augmented by an energy beam from the Skrull home world. Blocking the beam with a device placed on him by the Invisible Girl deprives Kl'rt of his new powers." -- from Wikipedia

I did not give him every ability he is shown to have in this issue. For instance, he is shown using a flame bow to fire flame arrows at the FF. It is also said that he is able to stretch 100 miles, which would be about 75 CPs in Elongation (if pushing). I did however, give him Paralysis Ray, which is similar to his secret ability of Hypnotism.

Super-Skrull Character Sheet (PDF)

*His name is never actually given in the issue.

Fantastic Four and Super-Skrull are trademarks owned by Marvel Entertainment

Friday, October 27, 2017

Fantastic Four Intercontinental Passenger Missile

From the Silver Age of Marvel Comics comes an ICBM that Reed Richards modified for use as an ultra-fast long range craft. It was primarily intended for trips to remote regions where refueling would be impossible, or for short space flights. The ICPM carries eight passengers and an additional cargo area designed to hold the Model I Fantasticar. It is launched from its silo in the Baxter Building. Below is my write-up of the vehicle, using the vehicle rules from the Mighty Protectors superhero RPG. Vehicle Sheet PDF.

Red Ghost

Here's my MP take on the Silver Age Red Ghost and his Super Apes!

The Red Ghost himself doesn't really have an offensive ability other than being able to pick up and use solid objects while he remains non-corporeal. However, he could use his inventing points to create some sort of hand-held weapon.

Note that the baboon Igor's ability to turn into any object -- and have that object's properties --was not really possible without making a new ability, one that would doubtless have made him far more expensive. So, in this version, he gets Shape-Shifting into any object.

Also note that the 'story' text shown on each character sheet is from the descriptions posted on Comicvine

Red Ghost Character Sheet (PDF)

Igor (PDF)

Mikhlo (PDF)

Peotor (PDF)

Red Ghost and Super-Ape Igor, Mikhlo, and Peotor are trademarks owned by Marvel Entertainment.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fantasti-Car Mk I

The infamous "flying bathtub" was a small vehicle the Fantastic Four used from issue #3 to issue #12. It could separate into four sections, each capable of flight.

The MP vehicle 'hangar' rules didn't quite work so I had to come up with a new minor ability called "Section Separation", worth 10 CPs, to model the Fantasticar's ability to split into four separate, flyable sections.

When all four sections are linked together, add their Flight speeds together for a maximum speed of (66 x 4) 264 mph. When separated, each section can fly at a maximum speed of 66 mph. Each section also has its own power supply that is good for 2 hours max.

Note that the individual sections lose the Automation and the corresponding Agility and Handling.

Integrated Vehicle Sheet

Single Section

Puppet Master

Here's my take on the Silver Age version of the Puppet Master, one of the Fantastic Four's oldest foes.

In order to model his unique ability of controlling others using miniature sculptures of radioactive clay, I had to break the Ability cap.

His ability to control others is a convoluted process with the following steps:

  1. Using his special radioactive clay, he must spend 1 hour fashioning a miniature sculpture of the person he wants to control. He succeeds with an AG save @+6.

  2. He must then target the individual he wishes to control. This is automatic if the target's mental waves can be 'seen' within a roughly 16 mile radius.

  3. Next, he must make an AG-based task check at +6 to hit the square where his target is standing.

  4. Lastly, if steps 1-3 worked, then the target must make an IN save at -12 or come under the control of the Puppet Master, doing whatever is done or said to the puppet. Note that unless the target has some sort of Heightened Sense that detects danger, he or she will not be able to roll with the damage because it is totally Unobvious.

If you want Puppet Master to be able to control more than one person at a time, use the Multitudes modifier. The multiples represent potential clay  miniatures used to control victims (see chart below):

Puppet Master (PDF)

Puppet Master is a trademark owned by Marvel Entertainment.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fantastic Four HQ: the Baxter Building (Silver Age)

Here is my take on the silver age version of the Fantastic Four's headquarters, the top five floors of the Baxter Building!

I based the floor plan on a picture of the Baxter building from an early issue of the FF. I had to fill in some blank spaces, but overall it's fairly accurate to the picture's depiction.

System Space Layout (each square is 5 feet, representing 4 system spaces)


Invisible Girl (Silver Age)

Here's my MP take on the Invisible Girl. She is incredibly weak, having slightly above-normal stats, but possessing a single superpower*: Invisibility. This seems to manifest throughout the Silver Age with her being a damsel in distress. She is captured in issues: 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 13, 14, 19, FF Annual #1, 27, 28, 31, 38, and 44. After issue #44 the frequency of her being captured lessens.

* To bump-up her Power, I also gave her the Energy ability.

Human Torch (Silver Age)

Here's my low-power, silver age, Mighty Protectors take on the Human Torch. Like Mr. Fantastic, I gave him a multi-ability framework to represent his "trick" flame powers, like writing "Fantastic 4" in the sky.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mr. Fantastic (Silver Age)

Here's my MP low-power version of Mr. Fantastic, showing his stats and abilities as they were soon after the fateful rocket flight. Note that he will always use Plasticity as one of his Multi-Abilities.

Thing (Silver Age)

Showing that the Mighty Protectors rules work for Silver Age superheroes too, here's my take on the bashful, blue-eyed Thing when he first gains his abilities.

The Thing is a trademark owned by Marvel Entertainment

Tom Thumb

Here's my MP take on Tom Thumb, the last member of the Earth-712 Squadron Supreme that I have written-up. This version is based upon his appearance in Avengers #148.

His flying vehicle seems to be his only source of offensive weaponry, although a GM could use his Inventing points to create a weapon as shown below. In order to fit within a single system space, I had to make all of his vehicle's systems integral, making them immune to being individually targeted. However, the vehicle itself, or its control space,  can be damaged.

Possible Inventions:

Force Field Belt: Force Field A) 5/5/5/5 protection (15), Gear (-0), 2 Charges: each charge absorbs 23 points of damage (+2.5)

Hand Blaster: Power Blast: 2d10 Energy damage (20), GBC Range=16", Gear (-0), 12 Charges (-2.5)
Tom Thumb is a trademark owned by Marvel Entertainment.

Tom Thumb (PDF)

Tom Thumb's "One-Man" Flying Vehicle (PDF)

Monday, October 23, 2017

Red Ronin, Version 2

Here is my take on Red Ronin using the Mighty Protectors vehicle construction rules.

Note that in the comics and in various descriptions on the Internet, Red Ronin is described as being "over 100 feet tall" and weighing "in excess of 23 tons."  In Avengers #198 and #199, his depictions vary in size quite a bit, and at one point it is said that with each step he moves "a quarter mile." Here's a shot of him where he is clearly much, much larger than 100 feet.

In the end, I decided to make him smaller than the 1/4 mile step version but bigger than the 100 foot tall version: I made him 400 feet tall.

The robot is controlled by wearing a "cybernetic" helmet that links the controller to Ronin's combat and movement systems. The control room, located inside Ronin's "head", houses the cybernetic helmet as well as various video screens that show the outside.

Red Ronin's primary attack is with his 'laser sword', doing 5d10 Energy damage with 9 points of Armor Piercing. His shield contains the system spaces of the laser sword, making both the sword and the shield tied together with the Multi-Function gear modifier. The fingertips of each hand can also fire Power Blasts doing d10+2d12 Energy damage.

Red Ronin has a humanoid shape, with arms, hands, legs, and a head. See the MP vehicle rules on pg. 80 for more info about Limbs and Hands. His torso and his head are fixed in place, however.

His hands are each about 30 ft. by 30 ft., so big that he can use the Area Effect rules when punching or grabbing a target (see MP 4.7.5, pg 109).

There is an exhaust fan located in the head that is powerful enough to suck out gas, or intruders like Yellowjacket and Wasp. I used Repulsion Blast with the area effect modifier to model it.

There is a door at the bottom of his right foot that leads into a small interior room. Leading up and out of the room is a crawlspace that runs the length of the right leg, eventually getting to the control room at the top of the robot. If the door is opened, the intruder system will blast the person opening the door.

Red Ronin PDF

Red Ronin System Space Layout (each 5 foot square represents 4 System Spaces). Ronin has 16384 total system spaces, 4096 are used for integral armor, 8 for integral adaptation, 8 for integral speed, and 4096 for integral Invulnerability, leaving 8176 system spaces for his floor plan.

Red Ronin Vehicle Sheet

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Red Ronin

I've been writing-up a lot of superheroes and super villains. I figure that it's time I should instead do a giant robot! Red Ronin appears for the first time in the Avengers comic in issue #198. The write-up is my take on it using the vehicle construction rules found in Mighty Protectors.

If you need a giant robot to rampage around your favorite city then this bad boy is perfect for you!

Note that there are more joints than I had room to list on the vehicle sheet, but the opposite joints have the exact same profile and Hits.

Vehicle Sheet PDF
Red Ronin is a trademark owned by Marvel Entertainment.

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Friday, October 20, 2017


So I had set up FRAPS to record as I randomly rolled-up a Mighty Protectors character and... well, I screwed-up: it only recorded the very end of a 45 minute session.

Anyway, the character that was rolled is actually kind of cool, and could be used as an NPC hero, villain, or government agent. Note that the 'c' and 'nc' next to each Ability indicates whether it is a Core or Non-Core Ability.

The character artwork is from the internet and I'm not sure of the artist(s). There is no intent to infringe upon the creators copyright.

EVE-13 (PDF)



Thursday, October 19, 2017


Deadeye is a character that I created for my brother's 1940's superhero campaign; I've converted him over to Mighty Protectors.

Mordecai was killed by hoodlums on the orders of a major Mob boss who didn't like the fact that his girl was hanging out with the "private eye."

As a private detective in the New York City area, Mordecai had done some things that were not so great, and his soul went to Hell. But Satan decided he could use a man like Mordecai, and he was given special abilities and returned to the living to enact Satan's will.

He is now Deadeye, a fearsome vigilante whose sole goal is the elimination of evil men.

Desmond "Duke" Tyler is an African-American mechanic who repaired vehicles during WW I. After a German artillery round exploded at the motor pool, Mordecai carried Desmond's body to the nearest field hospital, a mile away, saving his life.

The two have been close ever since that day, and Duke was the first person the resurrected Mordecai visited. Desmond drives Deadeye to wherever he needs to go, and he doesn't ask questions.
Deadeye, Duke Tyler, and accompanying pictures are Copyright 2017 by B.K. Adams.

Deadeye Character Sheet (PDF)

Duke Character Sheet (PDF)


Here's my MP take on Amphibian, another member of Marvel's Earth-712 Squadron Supreme. The superheroes of this team seem to have been created as an in-joke as each member closely resembles DC universe heroes. In this case, Amphibian is a knock-off of Aquaman. I don't know enough about this character when it comes to his motivation, but he seems like the Glory Hound type, so that's what I went with.

Siphon Substance

Mighty Protectors Siphon ability (pg. 66) is a great power, but one thing it does not work on is substances. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to add a home brew rule to fill the gap!

For Siphon Type Substance, the character mimics the characteristics of any solid substance touched. Include the Mimicry modifier when buying Siphon Substance.

To use Siphon Substance, look up the type of substance touched with the Equivalent Material shown on the Density Increase chart (MP p. 32). When the character has rolled enough points to attain the appropriate CPs of the material, he gains those CPs in Density Increase.


Absorbo has 2d12 in Siphon Substance (30), Mimicry (-10), for a total cost of (20) CPs. He wants to use his Siphon Substance ability on a steel wall. Looking at the Density Increase chart, we see that Steel is SR 11, adds 5/4/4/4 protection, adds 11 to Strength, multiplies weight by 11, and costs 27.5 CPs. Once he rolls 28 points or more he will have mimicked the properties of steel and gained 27.5 CPs in Density Increase, gaining protection, strength, and increasing his weight accordingly.


War Poster (Winged Victory)

Here's a mock-up of a war poster that I made several years ago. It's modeled on an actual WW II poster and features Winged Victory, one of the S.A.V.E. superheroes.

Golden Archer

Here is my Mighty Protectors takes on the Golden Archer, Squadron Supreme member, Avengers foe as presented in Avengers #141.

Character Sheet PDF


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Lady Lark

Here's my Mighty Protectors take on Lady Lark, a member of the Squadron Supreme.

Character Sheet PDF

Doctor Spectrum

Here's another Bronze Age villain and member of the Squadron Supreme.

Character Sheet PDF


From Avengers #141 comes another 'Bronze Age' villain -- the Whizzer! In this story arc, written by Roy Thomas with art by George Perez, some of the Avengers* have a run-in with Roxxon's hired supervillain team -- the Squadron Supreme -- and are defeated. Note that with his super speed, the Whizzer can run at a top speed of (3x87) = 261 mph.

Character Sheet PDF

*The Beast, Captain America, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Vision

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Size Change B) Smaller

In the Mighty Protectors rules, Size Change B) Smaller makes it harder to be hit with a ranged attack, but it also helps against non-ranged attacks, like punching.

For example, 20 CPs in Size Change B) Smaller gives a character a Profile of 1/120.

This means that if the small character is standing right next to a normal-sized opponent who is trying to punch him, he is effectively 120 game inches away, and suffers a -5 to hit penalty.
Ant Man is a trademark owned by Marvel Entertainment


Monday, October 16, 2017

Blacksun Armored Vehicle

From my United Dystopia of America campaign comes the Deimos, a heavily-armored and air-tight vehicle that the Blacksun mercenaries travel in. They can also use their communication gear to scan radio channels, listening for Resistance broadcasts.

The picture is a slightly modified version from Free 3d Models.

United Dystopia of America and Deimos is Copyright B.K.Adams.

Deimos Vehicle Sheet (PDF)

Blacksun Mercenary

The Blacksun mercenaries were the feared enforcers of a rogue American Presidency in my United Dystopia of America Mighty Protectors campaign.

Need some mercenaries for a Roxxon-like corporation or a despotic super-villain who runs a small country? These guys work great.

Copyright 2017 B.K.Adams.

Blacksun Merc Character Sheet (PDF)

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Here's another write-up of a Marvel 'bronze-age' villain. This time it's a version of Hyperion from Avengers #141. In the story arc, Hyperion and the rest of his Squadron Supreme teammates are working for Roxxon Oil -- which has plans to take over the world using the powers of the Serpent Crown!

This version of Hyperion is much less powerful than later versions, but he's still extremely powerful, especially when facing against a group of standard power heroes. Hyperion believes himself to be the most-powerful hero of his Earth, but in one of my favorite superhero beatdowns, the Vision lays him low using his disruption ability.

Hyperion was created by Roy Thomas; the picture is by Sal Buscema. Hyperion and Avengers are trademarks owned by Marvel Entertainment.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Golden Guru

Below is the write-up for Jeff's character in my United Dystopia of America campaign: the Golden Guru! He, along with his fellow vigilantes, fought against government tyranny, obtaining aid from members of his "Golden Horde" along the way.

This campaign was notable for having gone through four different RPG systems: Pocket Universe, Ultraverse (my brother's rule system), Living Legends, and finally Mighty Protectors.

This version shows the Golden Guru at the beginning of his vigilante career.

Golden Guru is copyright by Jeff Dee.

Golden Guru Character Sheet (PDF)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Converting Mutants & Masterminds 2.0 to Mighty Protectors

Here are some guidelines that I've come up with for converting a 2nd Edition Mutants & Masterminds character over to the Mighty Protectors rules.  Here's a pdf of the charts used: M&M2e to MP

Power Levels

M&M Power Level 10, the 'standard' hero level, nicely translates into MP's 'standard level' hero with 150 total Character Points. Use the chart below to represent M&M Power Levels into Mighty Protector CPs.

Task Difficulty

Check the chart below for examples of converting M&M's Difficulty Class to MP's system.


When converting M&M2.0 Drawbacks to MP Weaknesses, consult the chart below:

Non-Strength Characteristics

To convert a non-Strength M&M stat into it's equivalent MP stat, use this chart:

To convert Strength, use the chart below. I'm using M&M's 'heavy load' category to represent the baseline MP Strength value.


Most M&M Feats don't work with the Mighty Protector's rules system, but some do, like the ones that give small bonuses for hitting or for defense. Check out the chart below for examples:


Convert Languages on a one-to-one basis. For skills, see the chart below for examples. In general, every 4 M&M skills equals one MP Knowledge Area.

Converting Abilities

Use the chart below to find the appropriate MP Ability. In general, a 'standard level' MP hero has 20 CPs in each Ability.