Friday, September 29, 2017

MP Damage Types

The description of Invulnerability (MP p. 51) states "This Continual Ability makes the character nearly immune to the effects of one or more Damage Types, Sub-Types, or Specific Types, taking only 1/4 damage (rounded down) from attacks of those types."

The Damage Types are Kinetic, Energy, Biochemical, Entropy, Psychic, and Other. But what are the Sub-Types? Absorption and Reflection also mention damage sub-types, Natural Weaponry has Blunt and Sharp Kinetic as does Special Weapon.

To organize all of these damage types and their sub-types, I made a chart that categorizes the various Mighty Protector Damage Types with their Sub-Type and corresponding Specific Abilities. Note that "Cosmic Radiation" is simply the radiation one would receive while being in outer space.


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Thursday, September 21, 2017


These four Special American Volunteer Expedition characters are the original PC heroes from my very long-running WW II playtest campaign for the Mighty Protectors rules. Updated versions of these characters, including new artwork, will be included in my upcoming MP source book, War Heroes.

I had originally posted these characters a couple of years ago on the Monkey House Games forums but they've been kind of buried in old posts... so I figured that I would re-post them on this blog. The rules and the character sheets have changed since these versions of the characters were originally posted, but the overall abilities of the characters hasn't changed much.
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Winged Victory



Earlier, while I was writing-up the "bronze-age" Avengers, I missed a few heroes. One of them is Patricia "Patsy" Walker, a.k.a., "Hellcat", who debuts in Avengers #144.

But there is another angle on this character: in the Netflix shows Jessica Jones and The Defenders, Patricia "Trish" Walker is Jessica's best friend. One can hope that in Season #2 of either Jessica Jones or the Defenders, Patricia Walker will get her super-suit and become Hellcat!

In the meantime, here is my comic-book adaptation of her stats and abilities using the Mighty Protectors rules.

Patsy is a natural athlete and strong-willed person, but is otherwise a normal human. Her Ht. Defense is due to her athletic background of dancing and surfing; the rest of her Abilities come from the suit.

The two grapnels are retractable claws on each wrist that can shoot out. The night-vision comes from special lenses in the eyes of her mask, and allow her to see in total darkness. The natural weaponry and wall-crawling are due to the claws on her hands and feet.

Monday, September 18, 2017


Hardpoint is a character that I initially had created for my brother's campaign, using his homebrew Ultraverse rules. Here, I've converted him to the Mighty Protectors rules.

Hardpoint is a character one might get if you crossed Spiderman with Iron Man: a wise-cracking teenager wearing a powered-armor suit. Harry's closest high school friends are members of the Math Club and include: Noah McCloud, Ethan Albaugh, Abigail Green, and Jian Mei. Abigail, who is also a cheer-leader, has been trying to go on a date with Harry but so far it's never worked-out (his super-hero activities keep interfering).

He also works as a part-time technician at an electronics repair shop. His co-workers include: Adrian Kirby, Mary Walker, and Joe Caplan.

All of his suit's Abilities, except for Armor, are breakable. If he takes hit point damage, roll a d6 to see which Ability is affected.

Hardpoint makes a good "vigilante" hero that licensed player-character heroes might want to track down, or might randomly run into if they are fighting against the Mob. Although he is considered a vigilante by the police, he is not a killer. When he defeats mobsters, he leaves evidence of their crimes and calls the cops.

Hardpoint is Copyright 2017 by B.K. Adams

Hardpoint Character Sheet (PDF)

Friday, September 15, 2017


Almost a year ago on the monkeyhousegames forums I wrote-up four Thunder Agents. I used the Living Legends rules at the time but with a little bit of work they could be converted into Mighty Protectors.





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Thursday, September 14, 2017


"X-39" is a character that I only played twice. He was randomly rolled, created for a "monsters" campaign that Jeff only ran twice (but who may eventually come back to at some point).

X-39 was the project number he was given by the government scientists who were studying him at their secret installation in the mountains near Seattle, Washington. His real name is indecipherable by humans.

For years X-39 has been having dreams of Mother Enyo, dreams that led him to Earth.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Khelar started as a very low-powered character that I played in Matt Sheffield's Sci-Fi / Fantasy Geosian Mighty Protectors campaign. By the time the campaign ended, he had become a devastatingly powerful swordsman. Geos is the "utterly typical world of European medieval fantasy" that is 17.3 light years from Earth (see MP 2.1.3). Matt's campaign was a lot of fun and the MP rules work great for a fantasy setting.

You may want to use Khelar as an NPC in your own Mighty Protectors campaign. If so, he has come to Earth and your major campaign city, either through magic or science (he might have hitched a ride on a Psynax spaceship).

On Earth, he resorts to his basic personality type -- that of an adrenaline-junky thief. He would learn at least a Mixed Culture while on Earth, drop the "bird net" points, and he would start using his skills and magic items (cloak of invisibility, necklace of super-speed) to begin robbing wealthy individuals. He would also likely gain CPs of Wealth and live in a posh penthouse apartment.

Character and art copyright B.K.Adams.

Khelar Character Sheet (PDF)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Le Voyant

Back in 2011, I randomly rolled this character in the V&V2.1 rules in order to playtest Jeff's Intercime: Hostile Takeover module. I always considered him to be kind of a cool character, so I converted him to the Mighty Protectors rules.

With his Cosmic Awareness, Le Voyant makes a good NPC to provide information when the PC superheroes need help.