Thursday, June 20, 2019

Kree Starship & Kree Soldier

Here are my Mighty Protector write-ups for a Bronze-Age Kree starship and Kree soldier. The vehicle and the soldiers are based upon early Marvel comic books, namely: Marvel Super-Heroes #12-13 and Captain Marvel #1-#16.

Vehicle Sheet

Soldier Sheet

Kree Military Uniforms

1. The ship uses the teleportation ability (it opens a gateway) to travel through space. It has enough distance to instantaneously get to the Large Magellanic Cloud (the Kree's home galaxy), which is 158,200 light years from Earth. I extrapolated from the chart in the MP rule book to get the distance for (60) CPs.
2. The ship has Adaptation: Spaceworthy, which is the Adaptation ability and includes: asphyxiation, cold temperatures, low pressure, and radiation.
3. The integral abilities of Automation and Performance (Ht. Agility and Ht. Cool, respectively) were only added to make the total system spaces properly add-up.
4. Female Kree sometimes have abilities the males do not receive, such as Emotion Control and Siphon.
  • Emotion Control: Love, IN sv@-2 (10), CL" range, Single Emotion (-5), Misc: males only (-5), Unobvious (5), PR=1 (5), Total CP cost = (10).
  • Siphon: 2d6 hits (15), Suppress (-5), No Range (0), PR=0, Total CP cost = (10).
These write-ups are by B.K. Adams. "Kree" is a trademark owned by Marvel Comics. Mighty Protectors is a trademark owned by Monkey House Games.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Sentry #459

Here is my Mighty Protectors write-up for Sentry #459, a Marvel comics antagonist who was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, debuting in Fantastic Four #64 (July, 1967). The stats and abilities of Sentry #459 reflect Marvel Super Heroes #13 as well as Captain Marvel #1 and #2 (May, 1968).

MP sheet

30-Foot Robot

Invisible Wall

Bullet's Don't Hurt Him
Flight (from Avengers #89)

His Sensors Told Him I am... a Kree

Instantaneous Repair

1. In Fantastic Four #64, and in the Unofficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Sentry #459 is described as being 15 feet tall. Because it is explicitly shown in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 that he is 30 feet tall, that's what I made him.
2. I invented a (5) CP miscellaneous modifier for the Communicators ability that allows the Sub-Space modifier to work anywhere, not just in space. This is because Sentry #459 is shown communicating on Earth with his Kree masters, who reside in a different galaxy.
3. In other comic books, Sentry #459 is shown as having additional abilities of Flight and Power Blast, which  could be added, if one were so inclined.
4. Sentry #459 often describes himself as being invulnerable. While I did not give him full Invulnerability, it could certainly be added.
5. Shaping represents his ability to create invisible walls which are highly resistant to damage.

This write-up is by B.K. Adams. Sentry #459 is a trademark of Marvel Comics. Mighty Protectors is a trademark of Monkey House Games.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)

Here is my Mighty Protectors write-up for Captain Marvel, a Marvel comics hero who was created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan and debuted in Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (Dec, 1967). His stats and abilities reflect Captain Marvel issues #1 to #15, while he still wears his green and white battle-suit, and before he is imbued with additional powers in issue #17.

Updated 06-19-19: I've added a Heightened Attack invention that makes Mar-Vell's Wrist-Lens more powerful. He does this in issue #1, if I recall correctly.

MP sheet

Battle Helmet Gives Air

Wrist-Lens Power Blast & Flash

Oxygen-Burning Rocket Belt

Can't Breathe Earth Air Without a Potion

1. I gave Mar-Vell +5 ST and +5 EN because the Kree are described as being stronger and tougher and humans.
2. The Natural Weaponry is there to reflect how Mar-Vell is described as a great unarmed fighter. In issue #4 Mar-Vell fights the Sub-Mariner, who is much stronger, but appears to be less skilled at unarmed combat.
3. The Wrist-Lens, or Universal Beam device as Mar-vell also calls it, is a weapon worn on Mar-Vell's right wrist. It has a variety of functions as shown on his character sheet. In issue #12 of Marvel Super-Heroes, Mar-Vell demonstrates how his Uni-Beam can reverse the damage it causes, but this ability is never used again. Thus, I did not include it as a modifier for his Power Blast.
4. Mar-Vell, or his beloved Una, are capable of creating the potion that allows him to breathe Earth air, but it only works for one hour. The MP weakness to best reflect this is Special Requirement. Mar-Vell can use his battle helmet, but not when he is impersonating Dr. Walter Lawson.
5. Yon-Rogg is a true nemesis of Mar-Vell and could be included on his write-up as: NEMESIS, Less Powerful (-2.5), Common (-10). However, due to the weakness cap of (-20) CPs, he gets no points for it.

This write-up is by B.K. Adams. Captain Marvel is a trademark of Marvel Comics. Mighty Protectors is a trademark of Monkey House Games.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

MP Villain Spotlight: Invisi-Bull

Intro: Here's another MP Villain Spotlight character -- Manotaur a.k.a. Invisi-Bull, who is a 150 CP MIghty Protectors villain.


Mark Macready was a criminal who really enjoyed stealing cars; he ran a ring of thieves based in Chicago for years. Eventually, the FBI caught him and his gang and because it was his "third strike" felony the judge came down hard giving him a 20-year sentence.

Convaris, a multi-national drug company, struck a deal with the private company running Macready's prison facility. The prisoners were offered a deal: volunteer for Convaris drug-testing and potentially have years cut off of their sentence. Macready, hoping to reduce his sentence, volunteered for the testing.

Convaris didn't really care about the well-being of the prisoners they were experimenting upon. Macready was one of the luckier ones: instead of being seriously harmed he actually gained super-powers! The cocktail of drugs administered to Mark Macready transformed him into something of a monster. 

Convaris scientists wanted to study Macready's to see if they could duplicate their creation and although Mark was now less intelligent, he was still savvy enough to know that he didn't want to be a guinea pig... so he escaped and has been on the run ever since.

A prominent tabloid newspaper dubbed him "Inivisa-bull" and the name stuck, a fact that Macready hates. He calls himself the "Manotaur", although almost no one else does.

After knocking over several banks, he has a fair amount of money saved up.


Macready has always been driven by greed, but after his transformation he has an additional motivation: vengeance. He will go out of his way to harm anyone in law enforcement and he particularly hates scientists. Should an opportunity arise to steal from a Convaris facility he will gladly do so.


Before any encounter, Invisi-Bull will activate his Blur Invisibility, reducing the Sight sense of anyone looking at him by one level (eg, full to basic).

Should Invisi-Bull find himself losing a fight he will try to run away using his Speed ability, pushing his acceleration to put as much distance between himself and the heroes as possible.

Quote: "Don't call me 'Invisi-Bull'! I hate that name! Now I'm gonna have ta' paint my horns red with your blood!"

1. The artwork was created using the Paragon Chat game.
2. Invisi-Bull makes a good villain for a group of 4-5 100-110 CP heroes.

Character Sheet:

Invisi-Bull is copyright by B.K. Adams. Mighty Protectors is a trademark of Monkey House Games.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Sanctuary II (MCU/Comics blended version)

Here is my MP write-up of Thanos' gigantic spaceship, the Sanctuary II, as it is shown in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Sheet Image

1. This write-up is an almost totally subjective take on the vehicle as there are almost no "official" stats for it. So take the stats and figures with a gigantic grain of salt.
2. Adaptation: Spaceworthy consists of: asphyxiation, cold temperatures, low pressure and radiation.
3. This ship is much bigger than the comics version, with an overall length of approximately 2 miles. and approximate height of 1/8 of a mile.
4. The Regeneration system is the vehicle's central power system.
5. The size of Thanos' "throne room" is based upon scenes in Avengers: Infinity War. Suffice it to say that it is large, about the width and depth of a sports arena but far, far taller (approx. a 60-story building). Note: the dark grey on the map represents a rock-like substance.
6. The giant blast cannons are located on the "wings" of the ship, with 8 per wing per side and edge, for a total of 64 cannons.
7. I've edited this to include Flight, Warp and a few other systems, some of which are taken from this info.
8. I've updated the vehicle to include bunks for soldiers ("biggest army in the universe") and hangars for ground and space sub-vehicles as well as a hangar for the leviathans.

This writeup is by B.K. Adams. Avengers, Thanos, Sanctuary II are trademarks of Marvel Entertainment Group. Mighty Protectors is a trademark of Monkey House Games.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Number Seven

Here's my MP write-up for the Umbrella Academy superhero known as Number Seven, a.k.a. The White Violin, a.k.a. Vanya Hargreeves.

Character Sheet Image

1. This write-up reflects the Umbrella Academy comic, not the Netflix series.
2. Although it's not clear that it is in the comic, I included Sonic Boom as one of her abilities in order to round out her sonic powers and to make her an even 200 CPs.
3. The Conductor altered Vanya's body, creating her alter-ego of the villainous White Violin.

This write-up is by B.K. Adams. The White Violin is a trademark of Dark Horse Comics. Mighty Protectors is a trademark of Monkey House Games.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Number Six

Here's my MP write-up for the Umbrella Academy superhero known as Number Six, a.k.a. The Horror, a.k.a. Ben Hargreeves. Aside from the four extremely powerful tentacles that emerge from Ben's chest, and that he was killed at some point, not much is known about The Horror.

Character Sheet Image

1. This write-up reflects the comics, not the Netflix series.
2. There isn't enough material to know what possible other powers Ben may have possessed.
3. I gave Ben Heightened Expertise with his tentacles as a way of boosting his overall power-level. He's still less than 150 CPs, but this ability is certainly within reason.

The Horror is a trademark of Dark Horse Comics.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Number Five

Here's my MP write-up for Umbrella Academy superhero The Boy, a.k.a. Number Five.

Character Sheet Image

1. This write-up mostly reflects the Boy's abilities as they are shown in the comic book.
2. I gave him a motivation of Insane Utopian. This reflects that fact that he wants to save the world, but he's willing to murder people to do so. Plus, he loves and talks to, a mannequin he named Dolores.
3. In the comics, he can use his hands as lethal weapons, cutting into his opponents skulls.
4. I also gave him super-speed to reflect his ability to teleport and attack multiple opponents almost before they get a chance to attack back.
5. In the comic, he is told that his cells are not aging, thus the Adaptation to Time.

The Boy, character and artwork, is a copyright of Dark Horse Comics.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Number Four

Here's my MP write-up for Umbrella Academy superhero The Seance, a.k.a. Number Four, a.k.a. Klaus Hargreeves.

Character Sheet Image

1. This write-up mostly reflects Klaus's abilities as they are shown in the comic book and some of his traits from the Netflix show. I did this mainly because I have not read all of the comic books, but I have seen all of the Umbrella Academy episodes.
2. I used the "Bonus Effects" rules under Ability Modifiers (p. 87 of the MP rulebook) to simulate Klaus's ability to see and hear ghosts, because I feel that it is a minor ability.
3. I came-up with the Possession modifier for Mind Control. Possessing a target has advantages and disadvantages, so I made it a +0 modifier. Similar to Astral Projection, the character's body falls into a coma while possessing someone.
4. Existing MP abilities like Summoning, Cosmic Awareness, Retrocognition, et al., didn't really work to model his power of summoning ghosts... so I invented a new ability called Mental Ability E) Spirit Medium.
5. In the Netflix series, Klaus is gay, but it is unclear what his sexuality is in the comics I read. I went with the Netflix series in this case.

The Seance, character and artwork, is a copyright of Dark Horse Comics.

Mental Ability E) Spirit Medium

In order to complete my write-up for Number 4 of the Umbrella Academy, I had to come up with a new Mighty Protectors ability -- Spirit Medium!


The character can summon a spirit of the dead. This is a unique Voluntary miscellaneous ability, with a range of 1”, a PR of 3 per use, and the character must make a task check based on their CL. It takes 1 minute of concentration to perform a séance. Any attack on the character which causes Hit damage or a failed saving roll while they’re activating séance causes a break in concentration, and prevents the Ability from being successfully activated at that time. Total cost (10) CPs.

·         Spirit Medium Option: Attuned
This Modifier gives the character a +2 bonus with their CL save per (+2.5) CPs.

The character may ‘push’ the CL roll by +2 to for an additional +2 PR. The character may also modify their CL save roll by taking more or less time, according to section of the MP rules.

Example: The Seance, who has Spirit Medium with a CL save @16-, needs help figuring out an electrical device. He takes 1 Round instead of the usual 6 Rounds, taking a -6 penalty to the CL save task check. He will also push his Ability by +2, putting his chance of success at 12-. The GM deducts 5 from the characters Power score, and rolls an 11 -- success! The ghost of Nicolas Tesla appears and proceeds to help the hero.


1. I'm including this ability as its own post so that prospective GMs or players can find it using the blog's search function.
2. I tried using an existing MP ability for Klaus's ability to summon ghosts, but none of them felt quite right.
3. This ability may be used to summon up the ghost of any deceased individual, so long as the name (and possibly some background information) of the ghost is known.
3. This ability has not be play-tested.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Number Three

Here's my MP write-up for the Rumor, a.k.a. Number 3, a.k.a. Allison Hargreeves. She is one of the super-heroes of the Umbrella Academy comic book and Netflix series.

1. This write-up reflects both the comic book and the Netflix series.
2. Her power in the comic is the ability to alter reality, an ability that is not currently available in the Mighty Protectors rules.
3. From the Netflix series, I gave Rumor MInd Control; from the comic book series she gets Cybernetics in the form of a hand.

The character The Rumor and the artwork shown is a trademark of Dark Horse Comics.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Number Two

Here's my MP write-up for Kraken, a.k.a. Number 2, a.k.a. Diego. He is one of the super-heroes of the Umbrella Academy comic book and Netflix series.

1. This write-up reflects the comic book, not the Netflix series.
2. I guessed on the number of knives that I've given this character. In the comics that I've read, it's not clear exactly how many he carries.
3. I gave Kraken Adaptation: Asphyxiation, with the Activation Required modifier, because it is stated that "he can hold his breathe indefinitely".

The character Kraken and the artwork shown is a trademark of Dark Horse Comics.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Number One

Here's my MP write-up of Spaceboy, a.k.a. Number 1, a.k.a. Luther, of the Umbrella Academy. This write-up is based upon the comic book by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, and not the live-action Netflix series.

Character Sheet Image

1. It's not clear to me exactly how strong Luther is, but he's shown in the comics as being able to smash through a rock wall as a ten-year old boy. He is clearly the strongest member of the group.
2. Sir Reginald once describes Number 1 as being an expert with firearms which is why I gave him the expertise with his laser pistol (one could argue that this should be higher and/or apply to all guns).
3. In the comics, he is always wearing a space suit. It was never shown, at least in the issues that I read, exactly how long he can survive in space, thus I gave him the standard amount of CPs in the ability.

The character Spaceboy, and the artwork shown here, is a trademark of Dark Horse comics.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Doc Savage

Here's my MP write-up of Doc Savage. His arsenal of gadgets and weapons is shown here.

Doc's MP Sheet (Image)
1. Paralysis Ray models his "nerve pinch" ability, which must be used against the target's neck, and cannot be done while in combat.
2. I did not give him a base or vehicles, but he has both in the stories. His vehicles have included: auto-gyro, roadster, submarine, and long-distance airplane.
3. I also did not give him Companion to simulate his team mates, most of which are probably in the 75-100 CP range.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Argosy Adventurers Club #2

Mystery of the Manchu Dragon!

Issue #2 Recap

Twin Tattoos

The adventurers return to the Kersey house, where they regroup and tend to their wounds. They also revive young Jack Kersey with steaming cups of strong black coffee. Once awake, the lad tells the adventurers that their father had put tattoos on both he and his sister's back. Jack has the "left" side while Lilly, his sister, has the right half. The tattoos are written in ancient Manchurian -- words that Sophia Mayer eventually translates.

White Russian

The adventurers next deal with the big Russian they captured, Georgy Miroslav -- who happily explains to them that he's a simple business man... and is willing to trade valuable information in exchange for his freedom. After some hemming and hawing, the PCs agree to his terms.

Miroslav tells the heroes that men who work for the nefarious and enigmatic Golden Emperor have kidnapped Lilly Kersey, and that she is held captive on a "tramp steamer" named the Eastern Prince.
Steamboat Cargo Ship

Chinese Junk

The heroes run to the docks in search of the Eastern Prince. In the Harbor Master's office, they learn that it has already sailed. Lao Shi, a Chinese captain who just happens to also be at the office, overhears the conversation and offers to transport the heroes out of Shanghai... for the right price.

Monster Island

The heroes agree to pay Captain Shi his price and board his Junk, the Samarang. Following the directions of the treasure map leads them to a mysterious fog-enshrouded island. They see the Eastern Prince anchored in one of the island's bays, but decide to steer clear of it. After weighing anchor on the western side of the island, they take the life boat and row to shore. Once on the island they make their way inland, following the directions of their map.

They hear gunshots and men shouting. Sneaking up through the dense jungle foliage, they see a relatively open area, with a mountain stream running down the middle, numerous felled trees, and huge rocks, and a fight between the Golden Emperor's men and a giant lizard-like monster! They also see Lilly Kersey, her wrists bound with rope -- they immediately decide to free her. With cover fire from Killian, Red Razor runs to the girl and downs one of her captives, while Killian takes care of the second oriental. The heroes are then faced with the giant monster. With a mighty swing of his sword, the samurai strikes the monster's head, killing it in one blow.

Lost City of the Manchu Dragon

The heroes proceed onward following the stream and eventually making their way to a waterfall -- behind which is a tunnel. Down the long corridor they march, until finally they get to ancient, worn steps and the entrance to the lost city. The city is seemingly carved out of stone by cyclopean hands in ages long past and forgotten. The Golden Emperor's men are fighting natives in small groups here and there.

Heroes Enter the Lost City

Dragon Crown of the High-Priest

The heroes decide to be sneaky and make their way step by step to the top of the ziggurat which dominates the city. They successfully avoid the Golden Emperor's men as well as the natives and  eventually arrive at the top of the ancient pyramid. Once there, they see a native who appears to be some sort of high priest, lavishly dressed in skins and furs, sporting a feather headdress on top of a golden dragon crown -- he wields a glowing skull-tipped staff. As the priest drains the life-force from one of the last Asiatic invaders, the heroes attack!

After a fairly short battle, the heroes emerge victorious. Although the Hood did have some of his life force drained. With the artifact in tow, the heroes leave the cavern and return to Lao Shi's junk.


The heroes decide to sail for Hong Kong. Once there, they plan on telegraphing Mr. Tunsley, informing him of their successful adventure.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Shanghai Rickshaw

Here's my Mighty Protectors vehicle write-up of an early 20th-century Rickshaw!

This write-up stretches the MP vehicle rules a bit, but I think is technically correct. Operating the rickshaw requires a human to spend an Action, grabbing the two handles, and then proceed to pull the vehicle. It will cost the puller 3 Power per hour to operate. Historically, a rickshaw puller would travel 30-40 miles a day.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Argosy Adventurers Club

I've started a new Mighty Protectors/V&V3 campaign, called "The Argosy Adventurers Club."

This is a Pulp-Era campaign set in the early 1930's. During the campaign's first session, the players made their characters, who include:

British Detective Arthur Wilcox
Mysterious Stranger Rik Killian
Famed Samurai Red Razor
Shamballa-trained Sophia Mayer
The Enigmatic Hood

Note that some of the characters are not yet complete and/or do not add up properly. This often happens with handmade characters.

Issue #1 Recap
Each of  the characters receive an impeccably written note that reads:

Dear Sir or Madame, 
You are cordially invited to attend the first ever meeting of the Argosy Adventurers' Club, located on the 103rd floor of the Argosy Building in New York City. Dinner will be served at 7 pm on January 28th in the year of our Lord, 1932.

Should you require transportation, it shall be provided to you, in the form of aeroplane or automobile service.

 Yours in the Spirit of Exploration and Adventure,

 Theodore Tunsley -- Publisher and Philanthropist

On the listed date, the characters arrive at the Argosy building, the tallest structure in the world. On the top floor, they meet Mr. Tunsley, who proposes a business arrangement: in exchange for their stories, to be printed in one of Mr. Tunsley's periodicals, the characters will receive equipment, transportation, and remuneration for their efforts.

The character's agree and are quickly given their first mission: fly to Shanghai, China, on a modified Ford Tri-Motor plane, and locate the twins of one of his old friends, Mr. Monahan Kersey.

Because of the distinct possibility of being attacked by Japanese forces, who have been bombing Shanghai, the PCs decide to land their flying boat at Ningbo, a small town fifty miles south of Shanghai. Once out of the plane, Mr. Arthur Wilcox declares he shall obtain passage to Shanghai for the group, but he famously fumbles his luck roll, which gets the PC's attacked by a gang of cutthroats.

The PCs handily take care of the thieves but have absolutely no luck in obtaining a vehicle, and they refuse to steal one; apparently, no one wants to travel to Shanghai. Unable to find transportation, they are forced to walk the fifty miles to Shanghai, which takes the heroes approximately two days.

Arriving at the gates of Shanghai, the PCs are met at the British Section checkpoint by Sergeant-Major Cupp of the British Army. Cupp interrogates each of the PCs, wanting to know their names and their nationalities as well as their business in Shanghai. Convinced of their bona fides, he lets them pass into the city and even orders one of his soldiers to guide them to their destination.

The characters arrive at the house for which Tunsley gave them the address, but no one answers the door. Killian kicks in the front door and the rest of the PCs enter. They find the house has been ransacked.

While several of the PCs are searching through the house, Rik Killian goes back outside. Wondering what to do next, he notices that someone across the street appears to be watching the house. He immediately starts running towards the man, who deftly pulls out a revolver. Killian, however, is faster, and pulls out his own gun and shoots the man. The wounded man is immediately knocked unconscious.

After searching the unconscious asian, Killian finds a matchbook from the "Black Swan Club". Killian leaves his would-be assailant, returns to the house, and informs his companions about what happened and the clue he found.

The PCs decide to visit Sergeant-Major Cupp once again, hoping to gain more information. A short time later, Sgt. Cupp informs the PCs that the Black Swan is a notorious den of prostitution, gambling, and even slavery -- and that the club is located in the Russian-controlled section of Shanghai, not far from the Yangtze river.

The PCs thank the sergeant and return to the ransacked house. Unfortunately, they had forgotten about the man Killian shot, and discover that he is no longer there.

They decide to go to the Black Swan, as it is their only clue to finding the missing Kersey twins. On their way, they are stopped at a Russian checkpoint. Killian bribes the Russian in charge to allow his party to proceed.

Later, while hiding near the Black Swan, Miss Sophia Mayer, using a talent she learned in mystical Shamballa, hears dozens of guns being readied for combat. She also hears the sound of a motorboat being started.

The heroes decide to stealth their way to the back of the club, where they see a speedboat with three passengers zooming away. One of the passengers, a white man, seems to be slumped over. Thinking they may have at last found one of the persons they were sent to find, they jump into a second boat and give chase.

After a gun-blazing chase through the canals of of Shanghai, the PCs ultimately triumph. They learn that one of the passengers is indeed Jack Kersey, although he has been drugged and is unconscious.

Epilogue: The heroes learn that the driver of the boat is Georgy Miroslav, a White Russian, and the manager of the  Black Swan. The other man, the largest Asian they have yet to witness, is a man named Wo-Chong.

Next Issue: The Mystery of the Manchu Dragon!

The characters shown are copyright by their respective creator. Mighty Protectors is a copyright of Monkey House Games.