Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Legion of Super-Heroes: Blok and Chameleon Boy

Here are my MP write-ups for two more LSH characters: Blok and Chameleon Boy! Their stats & abilities reflect the pre-crisis Bronze Age of DC comics.

1) Chameleon Boy's Animal Transformation ability exceeds his Ability Cap by a few CPs. I also 'made-up' a modifier that allows him to transform into any animal, costing +15 CPs.
2) It wasn't apparent to me what Blok's background was, but there is a mention of how he spent most of his free time at the LSH headquarter's library, so I gave him a specialty with LSH history.
3) For stats on LSH equipment see my first LSH post.

Chameleon Boy

Blok and Chameleon Boy are trademarks of DC Comics. These write-ups are by B.K. Adams. Mighty Protectors is a trademark of Monkey House Games.

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